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securing TV - straps etc

What kind of TVs do people have & how have you got them secured? I know you can get the straps that secure them to the wall but not sure where to buy them.

Our 2 drive us mad climbing over the DVD through to the back. We were thinking a TV cabinet is probably the best thing, just need to find a corner one. Anything to stop them switching the sky player on and off, and on and off........etc!



  • Our tv is on the wall, held by a metal bracket. Cheapest we found them was eBay x
  • Our tv is on a closed wooden cabinet so lo can't get to anything. We have worried about her pulling tv over but she hasn't tried anything yet.

    We've just bought a gas hob guard off ebay though as she's starting to reach up there now! Now that really frightens me if she pulled something off there!
  • Our TV is from the dark ages its huge (not wide screen just chunky) its attached to a huge stand that cannot be moved unless 2 big burly men are around lol - thats the way forward have out of date ugly tv's lol xx
  • Blondefamily - that's pretty much what our TV is like. It's so heavy you can't shift it, but I still worry that somehow it could get pushed over. God knows how, but you read up on these things & frighten yourself...

    Frillypink - we were thinking of getting a flat screen (save space). Where did you get your cabinet from? I can't seem to see anything.

    Thanks all

    Oh and yes - the thought of them pulling things off the cooker is my next worry. Another day, another worry!!
  • I have a big flat screen on top of a wooden unit and dvd and sky box behind it. I can honestly say i've never even thought of strapping anything down as i've never had a problem like that. Shea has tried to turn the sky box off a couple of times and he's been told NO he's not allowed to touch and he hasn't been near it since

    I have always refused to move ornaments equipment etc, my philosophy is children should learn what they can and can not touch and its worked for us so far
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