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Snow globes

This probably sounds like a strange question. We had a photo snow globe that got knocked off the shelf earlier and smashed. Some of the liquid splashed on my son and on his toys, which iv washed but really worried that it might have had some chemical in it. Anyone know what they put in them? Am i worrying over nothing?


  • Max smashed a snow globe earlier in the week here too!!! :roll: Whatever was in it did smell odd but I just washed the floor etc and we ahve all been fine!
  • In some snow globes a liquid is used which will  help to float the coins or other decorative items used in it. So, in that liquid some chemicals might be used. As far as I know in those liquid chemicals are not used. But if you are having any doubt you can contact any doctor to confirm that whether it has any harmful effect on your son or not.


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