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sticking things up the nose (also on toddler)

has anyone had a problem with this?? Shea's nursery called me yesterday to say that during snack time he decided to stick 3 raisins up his nose! They had to lay him down, shine a torch up his beak and pull the raisins out with tweezer!! Then during hte course of the day he stuck........2 crayons, a pencil, glitter, a small building brick......and at teatime.........spaghetti UP HIS NOSE!!!!

He has never done it before, just started yesterday!! Can anyone tell me what the fascination is with sticking things up their noses (he's 22months) I'm paranoid he's going to wedge something up there and I can't get it out!!



  • Hi - my lo - 23mths - stuck a sweet up her nose, it appeared well and truely stuck, but luckily after a few minutes of panicking(?) it came out in a bubble of snot!! Since then she has been very good and tells me 'naughty nose, sweetie no'
    Sam x
  • I think unfortunately its a stage some kids go through. I remember having a barbie shoe stuck up my nose one of my earliest memories!! god knows why i did that !!
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