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Hello there!

I haven't been on here for a while but just wanted a bit of advice. My lo has had a temp for about three days, runny nose etc and we just put it down to her teething. Yesterday when I picked her up from my parents, she was covered in red pin prick spots. My OH took her to the docs this morning and they said they weren't sure but that it might be a case of german measles. I feel really frustrated because I wanted to know what it was for definite. The other problem is, I have a friend who is 12 weeks pregnant and wondered what the risks were to her etc.

Just wanted a bit of advice.




  • For your friends sake I would stay clear for now. Try ringing NHS direct for some advice.
  • Thanks for that! I did phone them and they said to stay away. Her spots then cleared up after two days and so I can only presume it wasn't measles but a viral infection. She has been fit and well now for nearly a week thank goodness, well apart from the teething etc!!!


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