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Hello.... Peeping over again from babies...
Eoin gets alot of attention, a variety of toys and lots of 'mummy time'.... But sometimes he finds a place to 'boing' and he will just 'boing' his back against it (be it the cot bars, playpen walls/sides, sofa, wooden chest) he just places himself with his back to it and ...............'boings'........ He looks sp deep in thought when he does it, almost bored........ He will do it for a good 5 mins at a time and quite often. Is it ok/normal for him to do this? Or is it likely to be 'damaging' his head/ back - as the cot bars, wooden chest are quite hard? Thank you ladies xxxx


  • Hi Palmtree..not sure i can be much help,but just to let you know Benji does this too!He doesnt do it on a daily basis but if hes stood near a wall he will start to bang his head and back agaisnt it and make a grunting noise!!!I doubt they do it hard enough to hurt though it does seem that they use quite abit of force!He tends to bang his head on things when hes in the midst of a temper tantrum and it seems hes really bashing it down!!!
  • My lo is 18 mnths and has 'boinged' since being very small. He tends to do it sitting in his high chair mostly. He also hits himself on the head repeatedly with things (plastic bottles, the tv remote...) and has very recently started head butting things and people. He seems to do this mostly when he's excited e.g. at the start of In the Night Garden and I've 'trained' him to use a sofa cushion instead of my head. I think it's sometimes just a way of getting rid of some energy. If you're worried ask your hv but I'm sure they'll just tell you it's a stage.
  • Sounds like it's a common thing and I'm sure it's not really hurting them, but if concerned mention it to the HV. Lily does it when stood against the settee - she really bends her back & head backwards and boings away! At least she's cushioned though.
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