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Awwww yay! :D silly little post

This is a bit of a silly post but Doodledoo was just on soon as the theme tune came on me and Sam froze image I couldnt tell if it was a new one or repeat but yay....Doodledoo with sexy Chris!! ;\):lol:


  • Oh, that hasn't been on for ages! One of my boys loves it, what time was it on?

    Do youreally think Chris is sexy!!?? I always thought he sounded really sarcastic and it used to wind me up! :lol:
  • think it was 11.30am

    i dont know if im attracted to him that much anymore, i used to be. but i dont have much variety of studs on cbeebies and im forced to watch it everyday! but in saying that i used to have a thing for mr tumble but luckily ive grown out of that lol. i like the presenter guy...erm...jeez how could i forget his name...cerry and... ALEX!

    mmm lol

    hes quite fit. although him dressing up as upsy daisy and dancing did give me quite a scare!! image

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  • aw ~2Aries~ go to tesco, buy a tesco value freeview box for ??10/??15 and u will get the channel with the hot guysimage but then again ur lo might wanna watch it at every opportunity like sam so maybe its healthier just to have the 5 :lol: xx
  • NO WAY! You think Alex is fit!! Ha ha ha!! I think he's so camp!! He also looks very short!

    2Aries - you're not missing much!! Absolutely no fit men on Cbeebies IMO!
  • aw Kelly!! girl u have no taste!! :lol::lol:
  • :lol::lol::lol: no taste! you cheeky thing! :lol::lol::lol:

    Alex only looks about 4ft tall!! :lol:

    Maybe Andy or Sid, but definitely not Alex!!
  • We noticed thay doodle do was back yesterday, I thought it must be my birthday! Don't know what time it's on in the morning but it's on at 3.00pm. I'm so glad it's not just me that has missed the lovely Chris :lol:
  • aw kelly you know im only joking :lol: u can have sid and andy and ill have alex and mr tumble

    sorted! :lol:

    bedhead - nope ur not the only one!! i sat on the couch engrossed for the whole time it was on! ahh i love it...gosh im so sad lol x x x
  • OK, it's a deal Emilie :lol:
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