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any one got any tips for fear of flies??? my daughter almost 3 is petrified of them and when she see's one she goes in to complete histericks!!


  • hi sorry no tips but my 2 1/2 yr old is the same flies spiders infact any creepy crawly she never used to be scared but is petrified now!
  • least im not alone , i did try a water gun but no joy with that!!
  • Try making them funny or tell her a story about a fly or something. You should also show her that you are not scared of them. If she sees you trying to get rid of them she might think that you are. I stopped my son being scared of bees by giving him honey and telling him the nice bees make it.... his fear returned last month (he's four now) but never mind. you could try winding her up by making buzzing noises and then laughing when she jumps but she would need to be able to get the joke. You might find after a few times she laughs with you after you do it.
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