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My 15 month suddenly hates the bath!

I'm gutted! She was born in water and has loved her baths from day one but now screams as soon as I get her in the bathroom and trying to wash her hair is something else!

Tonight we managed to bath her in her fantastic paddling pool with warm water but can't do that every night surely? Is this normal?

Lisa. x


  • James is 15 mths and did exactly the same thing about 3 mnths ago. We hit on the soution by dumb luck really. He had to have an op which meant his arm was in plaster for 3 weeks so bathing was a new challenge. We ended up with one of those plastic backed picinic blankets plastic side up in his room with his old baby bath on it. For some reason he seemed a lot more confident in there and really started to love his bath again. When his cast came off we introduced him back to the big bath gentley, taking him out as soon as he seemed finished, and he is now splashing away as much as ever. P.S. we also put in an old fashioned bath mat which seem to help. Good luck.
  • hi my lo is 15 months and has just started doing the same thing i have started having baths with him which we both love and also saves water lol but would be nice to see him have a bath and enjoy it again let me know how u get on
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