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Carpet cleaners?

Any one have any recommendations of good carpet cleaner? We're moving soon (fingers crossed) and our carpet is horrendously stained and I'm quite embarrassed by it - moved the furniture round the other day so it was brought to my attention lol

Thanks ladies xx


  • Hi you can hire a rug doctor from homebase and similar places for ??25. It's brilliant. I only have carpet on my stairs so no need for it but my MIL got it and her carpets looked brand new again. I have heard from a few people it's really good including someone at work who used it to clean her 14 year old carpet in the hope she wouldn't have to buy a new one and she didn't.
  • my mum has a vax and loves it, with 6 active regular visiting grandchildren she uses it loads! But i have also heard that the rug doctor is great and if it only for the one use i would go for that.
    happy cleaning - the colour of the water at the end is gross, to think our lo's are crawling etc all over it ! yuk! Might borrow mums soon LOL
  • i have a vax and i love it! the carpets dry so quickly afterwards aswell.
    but fiandrup is right, you would not believe the colour of the water afterwards its horrendous lol. its shocks you the amount of dirt that carpets hold even when they look clean! x
  • ive used the rug doctor twice now and it is fab my carpet looks brand new afterwards!!
  • we have used the rug doctor and its brill
  • I am using perfect sweep turbo cordless from last 3 months..It is merely flabbergasts and amazing too..I am just amazed by it's result ,it is really remarkable.

    Find chemdry


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