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nursery and eczema

ok so this is probs a bit of a ramble as i havent been on here in ageeees so dont know if any1 will remember me from b4, but my wee boy just started nursery last week and hewas fine untill 2 days ago, the past 2 days hes kicked and screamed when ive went to leave and i just had to leave him and go, i felt bad untill i picked him up, he was still down in the dumps even after 2 hours at nursery... dont know what has changed or whats wrong with him

2nd subject, he has sevre eczema and it had eased for a good while but it has come back worse than ever, he is now back to a routine of moisturiser, steriod cream, ichopaste bandage, bandages and tubigrip, its a non stop thing, and its so tiring, i also have a 1 and a half year old daughter who doesnt apreciate all my time spent tending to him, He is constantly itchy and in pain and theres nothing much i can do, does any1 else have a child like this...

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