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night waking

my 15 month old is waking a couple of times a week in the night really crying, then settles when i take him in with us, although sometimes not that quickly. i give neurofen as he seems to be biting alot -wondering if its his teeth, could it be bad dreams?
my OH suggested it could be he doesnt want to be in his cot as in day he always naps in pram when out, although 9 times out of ten he settles going to bed, the waking is usually 2 0r 3 am!


  • We have this sometimes, at least once a week at the mo. Isaac starts crying in a whiney, scared way and when we go in he's still half asleep and then wakes up more when he hears us come in! It takes ages for him to calm down and he sounds so scared bless him. It usually helps if we distract him with something and wake him properly to get him out of it. Sometimes when he won't calm down we give him some milk in his cup (naughty mummy!) and he calms straight away, this always works. Once he's calm we put him back in his cot and he goes straight to sleep really quickly without so much as a whimper. It can take a while for him to calm down though. We think it's bad dreams or 'night terrors' as he does sound scared. Maybe teething.

    I doubt it's that he doesn't want to be in his cot. Sounds like night terrors or teething to me. It's horrible hearing them cry like that xx

  • thats what i find hard, its like im scared of letting him cry as i cant say im sure that he isnt sacred upset about something as a pose to just playing up to get in our bed, surely he would do that all the time?
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