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How many words???

Hi girls,

im gradually moving over from baby forum when I can find the toddler forum to click on grr!

Just wondering how many words a 15month old should be able to say?

Joshua has always seemed a bit slower than others his age (I know im naughty for comparing) but im not really sure weather he is a bit behind. He has said mum and dad but very rarely calls us mum and dad if you know what I mean, I suppose he doesnt need to as were alaways there. He can say hi ya, nan, no, yes, bye-bye, mumma, dadda, woof (we dont even have a dog!) but should he know more words?

I read quite a lot to him, but should I be asking him to repeat things or is there anything you can recommend for me to encourage him to say more things.

Thanks girls and toddlers xxx


  • hi,my lo is just over 14months and dosent really say many words. no where near as much as joshua seems to say. Jayden can sort of say bye and says hiya sometimes. he says mama and dadaand then every so often he says a random word then dosent say it again.
  • hi,
    At 15 month my daughter didnt say many word may be mummy daddy and nana,but babbled a lot.
    i was really worried about her as my niece was two weeks younger than her was saying loads we went on holiday and from the second day there emily started to say loads of word really clear and putting two words together
    now she is 2y 4m and NEVER stops talking and asking questions guess they all take time to talk and do it when there readyxxxxxxx
    hope this helps xxx
  • Hi there. I work as a paediatric speech and language therapist and your little boy sounds totally within normal limits for his age. We would look for first words around your son's age and joining 2 words by 2 years of age so there's plenty time! Absolutely no need to be worried! Sounds like you're doing all the right things. Perhaps the easiest next step would be to expand his range of symbolic noises. You said he goes "woof Woof", well if he's interested in animals could you find lots of opportunites for animal play and see if he can learn "quack, quack", "miaow" etc?? Just have fun with sound and don't worry too much about words. If he's a typical boy he'll love transport so go for the whole "broom, broom", "choo choo" thing as well. All the best. X
  • Thanks girls for your reassurance and advice- Ive been out today and bought a my first animal book which is full of pictures for Joshua to point at and copy the sounds so im sure we'll have lots of fun with that!

    Vicky and babbling Joshua xxx
  • hi tyler is 16 months and is now starting to say more and more words like dadda,mumma,chloe which is his sister,cat doggy,up,down,car,bye bye,tatta,all gone,bum nappy,baby,gerbil,nannie,nite nite, so i think it just depends really i try to speak clearly to him and slowly and he will try and copy me.
  • Sonny is really verbal & spends every waking & some sleep time too talking but doesnt actually make much sense. He can say mum, mummy, mama, dada, dad, nan & understadn no, good boy etc but as a bilingual house hold I am expecting him to be delayed in actual words. So Joshua sounds perfectly normal to me. As the others have said, don't worry too much & encourage him by giving the right words of things.
  • Isaac is nearly 17 months and although he has a lot to say for himself, not much of it makes a great deal of sense. He has a few words like mummy daddy cat, woof duck and he copies sounds if you say them, your lo sounds fine and they are all different my 3 year old was putting 3-4 words together by his age but I think girls are different anyway x
  • My Isaac is 19 months now and can ask things like "What u doin mummy" and "wanna drink pls" and "put it in there"

    but when he was 15/16 months he said hardly anything just "mama" and "dada" and a few others, its like in the last 3 months hes suddenly found his voice.

    I bet Joshua is taking in and understanding LOADS more than he can say then one day it'll just all come out.

    Sometimes siblings have an influence on their baby brothers/sisters as the older can tend to talk for the younger but then as LO gets older they are copying the older sibling - I think that was what happened to Isaac. Has Joshua got any brothers or sisters?

    Elaine and boys xx
  • yes vicki joshua is so slow, as you know Lewis can say the alphabet, and he can count to ten and he can also say margaret!

    Come on what you playing at, cant believe how slow he is lol

  • I knew you'd have something to say, always causing trouble image Margaret :lol: I thought you'd tell me off for comparing Joshua with others!

    He does babble loads, and he seems like he's having whole conversations with himself sometimes so after reading everyones posts (except Margaret ;\) ) I feel more at ease.

    Its a mindfield bringing up a baby, do you ever stop worrying! x
  • No, never!!!

    My eldest boy is 4 in November and is very behind with his speech - we can understand most of it but anybody who doesn't know him or see him often haven't a clue! It didn't help that his sister's always spoke for him when he was learning and the fact that when we were looking at other options like speech therapy, we moved to Holland for 9 months!! Now we're back in the UK and finally getting things sorted - have new health visitor coming to see us in 2 wks so fingers crossed we'll be refered at long last lol

    My 18month old is a right jabber-nut but it is still babble althou he does say mummma and dad/dadda and to the right person too! Bless him, he is only as big as a 12month old and has issues with food allergies which have delayed a majority of his developement but he's getting there!!

    Have fun with the animal book hun, mine all loved (and still do!!) doing the animal sounds and stuff!!! image
  • Hey MummyX5! You can refer your own child to speech and language therapy as have an 'open' referral process. There's absolutely no need to go through a HV or a G.P. Just find the number for your local clinic and call up. They'll be able to give you an idea of what happens next, assessment waiting times etc, so it's probably a good idea to go direct. Also, after working in the profession for 8 years, it's not unusual for a HV to forget to refer after you have asked (oops - and everyone thought they were infalliable!! ha ha). I've had mums who think our waiting lists are a year for assessment when actually it's only 12 weeks but the refferal seemed to slip their silly HV's mind!!
  • LOL, thx for that hun, I may very well do that but will see HV too as youngest son needs assessing due to poor growth (from food allergies). I know the older one will improve masses when he goes to nursery this year, I just wanted him to be able to be understood a bit better beforehand as I know how frustrating it can be for them.........ok, maybe I'll look the number up in the morning lol
  • Can I aske a related question please. My daughter is 18 month old and doesn't say much except 'mummy', 'papa', 'no', 'cow' (to any animals) and 'baby'. We speak Hindi ( with lots of English words included) at home and she goes to nursery where she offcourse listens to English. Even when I say a word very clear and several times she doesn't seem to take interest in trying to copy it. she understands almost every thing we say to her and babbles a lot but no clear words. Is she confused between two languages? How can we help her learning both at the same time?


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  • Hi Preeti. There shouldn't be a problem with the bi-lingualism as long as everything is consistent. Of course, she is being exposed to less english so it's not unexpected that she is taking longer to pick it up. Might you try speaking to her in English at home? She would still be exposed to the Hindi as she will hear others using it with each other in the house. One of my lecturers at uni was teaching her child to be tri-lingual (she spoke in English to her baby, german to her husband, and french to other family members) and she was a linguistics expert so it must be fine!! If I were you, I would just keep an eye on things over the next few months. If she gets to 2 years old and she's not attempting to join 2 words together it might be an idea to check things out. All the best. X
  • hi my son is 20months and he says mum, dad, nan, the wiggles(not clearly is more like degooles) woof, love ya, how r ya. he doesnt say mum and dad 2 me and oh but if i say wheres dad he will point and make the sound of there he is but no words come out its more like eehhh eh eehh sort of if that makes sense anyway hth
    Audrey x
  • Hi Ethan is 17 months now and he can say
    daniel (first word believe it or not! sounds like dan-yoool)
    cock cock (choc choc/what i call his Milky bars)
    din dins
    no (his fave at the moment, lol!)
    ock (socks)
    hiya (to everyone who walks past his buggy when he's in the mood!)

    It's not many words compared to my first son who knew loads at his age and never stops talking now. I thought he was a bit behind but then he learnt 3 words in 1 day! He knows where his ears/hair/toes etc are and that dogs go uff uff and cows go mmmm. Like someone else said they know more than they can say, he knows..... put it back, get off, stand up, sit down, give kisses, time for night nights, close the door, give it to daddy etc

    Me and Ethan have these funny little "conversations" where he'll go "ba ba ba, um mum mum, da deee" or something like that and look very serious and I go, "Never! Did you really? Then what?" and he'll go," am ama doo doo daddy" and I look amazed and wide eyed and say "did he really?" and he just squeals and laps up all the attention, it's so funny.
    As long as you keep talking to them about anything and everything they'll pick it up. One day he'll turn to you and go "Mummy, please may I have a bottle of the house white, the Juice de La Cow please, thank you ever so much" :lol:
  • LOL : loopylass :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
  • My daughter sings to songs and she says 4-5 word sentences she is 22months old
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