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Any one else have one of those days.....

....where you just dont like your toddler?

I adore my daughter (27 months old) but today she wont stop whinging!
We have all had a nasty virus for a few weeks and really turned a corner at the beginning of the week where we were all feeling a lot better.
She had even gone back to sleeping through for the past few nights (which had gone completely to pot whilst she was ill, understandibly). But last night her nose started dripping like a tap again and she woke up between 1 and 3 and after some calpol just mucked about. Needless to say she is now really tired and whingy. Nothing is right. And all she wants to do is climb over me. And I am 38 weeks pregnant tomorrow. It gets quite painful when she elbows me in the chest!

I have a feeling that it is actually her last 2 teeth coming through. She was horrible with the last 2 teeth too. She is normally so independant and happy go lucky, it just does my head in when she is like this!

I try so hard not to get angry when she is like this but my hormones cant take it.


Sorry for the rant. She is napping now so will hopefully wake up in a better mood.

Serena X


  • No, not just you hon. My lo has entered the terrible 2s at only 17 months and is driving me mad. It's not so much that I'm fed up with him being whingy and clingy, more that I'm frustrated at myself because I cant deal with him like this at the mo.

    I'm not very well so it is hard, and he's been used to his dad being home - dh is a teacher so had 2 weeks off for easter. This week has been a nightmare and I'm so tired & fed up of this week!! So ds being a pain in the bum (although not his fault - plus he's teething) isnt helping me...its a vicious cycle where you both rub off on each other.

    Must be something in the air; Im having stomach cramps at the mo and he's climbing all over me and keeps digging his elbows, eh? Gotta love em though!!

    Besides which, I'm not 38 weeks pregnant... I hope she sleeps a bit better for you tonight hon. Maybe get yourself off to bed as soon as she goes down, see if you can catch up on some sleep? Or a hot bath.

  • Ah, Serena hun, definitely not just you!!!!

    My dd is the same age, and omg she is going through such a difficult phase! She thinks it is hysterically funny to do anything naughty - and if I say NO, she just does it more!

    She hits and kicks her older brothers and other children at toddler groups - which is mortifying!! She always asks to go an play with the babies, but then just whacks them all and fights over toys.

    She is, of course, at times the most lovely little girl as well! She can be so sweet and loving, but I worry my mum-friends think she is a little monster!

    I know it's just a phase - she is so strong willed though - the slightest things can end up in a full-blown tantrum! I suppose they don't call it the terrible twos for nothing.......

    Hope she did wake up in a better mood - and hope she is nicely tucked up in bed now. 38wks pregnant is knackering at the best of times - all the best.


  • Yes we have plenty of those days! Its horrible when they are all whingy, whiney, and clingy. I'm a SAHM so when my LO is like this there is no break and no escape and it's exhausting! Can't imagine what it's like when you're 38 wks preg and hormonal.

    Just be reassured she will be back to her normal, lovely self in a few days! My LO has been wonderful over the last few days after going through a very difficult phase recently. Teething seems to be responsible for so much of this behaviour. :roll:

    Hope she improves for you soon and all the best for the new baby x
  • I feel the same way at times - life with a toddler can get overwhelming. I'm home alone 4 weeks at a time with dd (26 months) while DH works away, then he's home for a week - towards the end of those 4 weeks, I'm usually pretty stressed out from not getting 5 minutes to myself and the tantrums. I think she feels it and gets frustrated with me too - not to mention prob. pretty fed up looking at me everyday!!!

    My dd is cutting the last of the molars (FINALLY) and has been a bear too - she's usually a very happy, friendly little girl too. To take the edge off of her mouth, I give her a bit of Tylenol (Calpol) at night/naptime to help her sleep sound and she settles quite nicely. During the day, lots to drink and I freeze those yogurt sticks so she has one of those too....

    At 38 weeks I know it's hard to get out (play groups/park) and keep up with your dd but I find that esp. now that nicer weather is here, going outside makes a big difference... My dd can potter around and play for hours - as long as sticks and dirt is around, she's happy. A year ago I prob. wouldve had a fit if she got as dirty as does now but it makes her happy and she's not hurting herself or anyone so i leave her to it. Can you sit outside with your dd and watch her play?

    Hang in there and gl with the delivery!

  • Def not just u! My lo has been quite hard work the past few weeks and she's not been sleeping well and I'm not 38 wks pg, don't think I'd cope if I was! x
  • Well my little girl is finally back! Much happier just full of cold.

    So glad it isnt just me. I feel guilty for feeling like that so it helps to know i'm not the only one!

    Serena x
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