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21mth Old With Spots & Rash... Help!

My Daughter is going on 21 months and two weeks ago she got "Spots"

They don't look like chicken pox because they aren't "blistery". My boyfriend got the spots too, so did my brother and i only have one or two. They itch like hell.
I though t this might be flea bites as it has been raining a lot and we have pets, and fleas generally chose to attack in this time. We have dipped the dogs. Boiled the bedding and still the spots remain and keep coming.

Yesterday Katie has developed a rash on her back, groin, and in her armpits and is telling me "mommy ouwie" all the time.

I"m not sure what this could be as she has no fever and has already had German measles and roseola. Her 18mth vaccination is overdue as she had flu and i had planned on taking her now but with the spots I'm putting it off. Please help is you have any ideas as to what this could be?



  • hey all,

    Went to the doctor & it turns out... (This sounds awful to say) but she has hand-foot-&-mouth disease.

    For anyone who is experiencing the same thing. It starts as small "insect like" bites on the body with few on the hands and feet. Develops into a fine rash, which can occur on the back, chest, bum, genitalia, shoulders, face and around the mouth (it looks a little like German measles)

    This is quite painful to touch for the child/adult, however adults are less susceptible to getting this. Can be transmitted through physical contact. And is prone to happen during summer and early autumn.

    Good luck to any of you who find that you children may have this. it's not so nice!
  • I had this myself over a xmas/ny period about ten years ago! It was horrible and I ended up alone in an isolation ward! All I could eat was chocolate ice cream and milkshake through a straw, as it was painful to hold a spoon!
    I had it bad though and was able to go home after ten days.
    Any one who gets it, has my sympathies!
  • thanx so much for your kind wishes. baby (well toddler) is doing great. Been giving her stoppayne and applying the ointment they gave and it seems to be working. She has still got spots but the red re\ash and gone white and flattened a bit, Thank goodness. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!
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