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Bed time milk is going for good

Kenny is 17 months and a few weeks ago I ditched the bottle and gave Kenny his milk in a sippy cup at bed time, it went really well and he took to the new routine of a story and big boys cup so well. Now he isnt really interested in drinking the milk at all and most of it is thrown out. I think he has decided that he doesnt want the milk anymore so tomorrow night I dont think I will give the cup and see how it goes.

Im not worried about him reducing his milk as he has milk in his cereal and a cup of milk in the morning as well as other dairy things during the day.

The only thing is, im wondering where my little baby went and where did time go?


  • Time flies doesn't it. Charlotte only has about 2oz of milk at bedtime. She has it before her bath from a cup. I've often wondered whether to give it up as sometimes she's not bothered with it. But nights like tonight she wolfed it down so I think I'll continue a bit longer (she's 15 months).
  • Hey Denise well we shall just have to hope its sunny tomorrow and we can run them ragged at The Farm then he will be too tired to even think about his bedtime milk!! Lexi had nothing at bedtime now, as she just refuses it now, we still offer and maybe sometimes 1 onz if your lucky, but it's still part of her bedtime routine, but I am going to stop it soon as no pint really.
    Hope to see you both tomorrow huni, I am doing a wee sun dance now!!!!!!!!
  • Hey Lynne, Lexi looks so cute in your avatar. The rain is pelting off my window at the mo but got the fingers and toes crossed its better tomorrow.

    ccbmommy I would carry on giving Charlotte the milk as it all helps towards weight gain.
  • I looked at Daniel today (15 months) and I swear he had grown whilst I had been at work! I look at him all the time and can't believe how quickly the time has gone. I get teary if I think about it too much! When I lay him on his changing mat and realise how much he fills it, I think back to when he was tiny and how vulnerable and small he looked on that plastic mat. And when I buy clothes in the next size up to have in the cupboard for when he is ready, I cannot believe that he will ever fit into anything so big, But of course he does!
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