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Should we just go for it?

Hi everyone.

Max is now 14 months old and I'm starting to think about having another baby. We'll be moving to a bigger place next month, and it also means we'll have a lot more money than we have at the moment.
But when I really think about it, I think that maybe I won't be able to cope, or we won't have enough money, or they'll fight all the time etc etc. But if I wait until we're in the perfect situation and everything's ready,. we'll be about 70 before we can do anything!
Should we just go for it, and muddle through?
My OH is 38 this year and I'm worried he might not be fertile for much longer! :roll: lol


  • We are ttc at the moment and my husband is 38 as well. Neve is 12 months and I think it will be great. If you do decide to go for it good luck!
  • Hey hun, I'm not sure there's ever a 'right time' to have another baby, so if you feel ready then go for it! Just wanted to say that my 2 are 12 months apart and I didn't think I would cope but when Evie was born I found a way to make it work and you will too!

    Good luck!

  • Hun men can father kids into their 80s! so i wouldnt worry on that score. I was worried about ttc again cause Ellie is almost 15 months old and i didnt want a big gap but like you worried how i would cope etc. I now babysit my sisters 14 week old boy and it really isnt much differant to having one baby as having two! it has made me more determined to have another asap. Good luck with what you decide. xxx
  • Hello.

    If you want it go for it. I am due baby number 2 in 3 months time and there will be 18months between my 2. I wanted a small age gap but once I fell I started to worry about how I would cope, money etc. But we have reciently moved and now have more money (well till baby arrives that is, LoL). My OH is 39 and he has said no to any more coz of his age. He is worried that people will think its Grandad comming to pick the kids up from school LoL. Bless him. This will be his 4th child.

    I don't think there is a good time of life to have a child unless you are millionair that doesn't do anything. You will find away of coping, we all do.

    Good luck if you go for it.

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump (25+5)
    X X X
  • we have been ttc since june,Lennon is 19 months now,i have also worried about how we cope but as some1 said to me yesterday after a few weeks its like they have been there forever nd you just do cope

    i look at it this way,i could always come up with 101 reasons why not to have another 1,money,time,etc,etc but at the end of they day I and Scott really want another,and we have stacks more love to give and thats all that matters x x
  • I would say go for it!! My eldest was 15 months when If ell for no 2. Then no2 was only 7 months when I fell for number 3! You prob save money having them close together in the long run as you still have all the baby kit!! x
  • Hi everyone thanks for all your posts.
    I've also talked to a few people and everyone seems to say the same thing; if it feels right and makes sense for our life, then go for it!

    So we are! imageimageimage

    I bought some folic acid and have started them, and we aer just going for it :lol: (TMI?) lol

  • Good luck and have fun (no doubt!! LoL)

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump
    X X X
  • Was going to say YES! But I don't need to now! Good luck!
  • :lol: Thank you!

    I saw a woman today who had a little boy, about 2, and she was quite heavily pregnant and she just looked so stressed out! It made me think a bit. But I know its going to be hard work, and thats what makes it so rewarding!
    The trouble is, I've opened the "broody gate" now and its impossible to close! I want a baby image xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • We started ttc my 3rd when my 2nd was 14mth old, and there's a gap of 2y 2m between them. Between 1 and 2 is a gap of 2y 9m and I definetely think the smallest gap was the easiest, and that was with having 3 to look after under the age of 5!
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