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What is it about young children that they feel they need to be brutally honest about absolutely everything? I was taking my 2 year old (who will be 3 in october) to my mums yesterday and there was a man walking across the road from us. She then said in a very loud voice "Mummy that man over there in the blue top has a very big red nose he looks really funny" OMG i wanted the ground to swallow me up, i didnt dare look but she just kept repeating herself. I think im gonna have to stop going out through fear of someone taking it the wrong way and beating me up!!!


  • lol, thats funny my 3yo is the same he says hello to everyone, and asks where they are going and what they are doing etc, he shouted at a man once 'hey cowboy man' he was a middle aged man but had boots and leather jacket and a cowboy type hat, thankfully he has just about got over calling everyone dad!!!
  • hi. we have got a postman in our town that is on the larger side. and my 5 year old laughed and pointed at him one day and shouted out as loud as he could "oohh mummy look at that fat man over there" sooo embarrassing. i wanted the ground to open up and swallow me.xx
  • lol i was in asda the other week, my oh was just getting a trolley whilst i was near the entrance. my 2 (almost 3) yr old went up to this man who was collecting money for charity and started going hi daddy it was really embarrasing especially when my oh came over and started going oh yeah is there something your not telling me!
    when i was about the same age me and my mum and her friend and daughter were sat in our garden when suddenly i went up to her friend and asked "why are you soo fat and ugly??" my mother was mortified and still talks about it today lol.
    kids....we must be mad!
  • My lo will be 2 in october & I was in a restaurant with a friend when I asked my friend to keep an eye on her til I went to the bathroom & she shouts "mummy do pee pees". I just laughed, I suppose it could have been worse!!

  • lol glad im not the only one
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