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Worrying over dd's weight......

Hi all,

Just had my dd weighed today, she just turned 2 on 16 Aug and haven't had her weighed since she was 1. Now I know she is a tall girl and I was expecting her to be around 29lb, but oh no she's 31lb!!! Unfortunately they couldn't measure her height as they forgot the measure but the HV wasn't too concerned as she looks in proportion and doesn't look overweight.
Now I know I shouldn't worry as she eats healthily and has plenty of exercise but I just get so many comments from people saying, 'isn't your little girl big' and it's starting to play on my mind somewhat.
Does this sound a lot to you or am I worrying over nothing?
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  • hi hun, dont worry baout your lo's weight as long as she is proportion with her height then she is fine. My dd1 was like that she was probably about the same as your dd, she was tall and fairly well covered but not over weight. she is 5.5 now and still quite tall for her age but she is deffinatly not over weight. she was weighed and measured a few months ago as they do it in school in their reception year and she is on the 78th centile for her height which means that she could weigh any thing between 2st9 and 3st9 and be healthy and she was 3st4 so bang in the middle of where she should be for her height but obviously heavier than her friends who are shorter.

    any way im rambling on, just wanted to reasure that she will be fine, as i used to worry about how big dd1 was. dd2 on the other hand is a shrimp she is 2.5 and only about 26lb and 83cm, she still wears her 12-18 month trousers!! i dont think she is ever going to grow!!!! xxx
  • Hi at my lo's 2 year check at 25months he was 27lb15 and I was surprised as was sure he was smaller!!! I weighed him recently and he was 28lb 6. At 2 yr check they said he was 75th centile for height but 50th for weight. But I admit I was shocked when they said how much he weighed as he is still in some 12-18 clothes- think it's cos he's tall and prob same for your dd

  • ds1 is 2 years 10m and 37lb, 98cm tall, he's in 3-4 year clothes and size 8.5 shoes. He's in proportion and I've always worried he was too big, he's on 98th centile for both and has been since birth. however been reassured he's not too big! I also get dirty looks when he's in a buggy! and the fact he's still in nappies!

    ds2 is 11m and 24lb, 74cm tall. In 12-18m clothes and size 4.5 shoes. He's also on the top of the centile charts and has been since birth. Not worried though as he's just like his brother. They're gonna be tall boys!

    Plus don't worry as 1 of girls on Born in sept09 little girls in 29lb!! and another is 28lb, They have been told by HV they are find, so your little girl is no way over weight at 2 years!!


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  • my first was 32lbs on her first birthday (i know mega huge and she weren't exceptionally tall just fat lol) she is now 10, stick thin and average weight for her age. my 2 1/2 yr old weighed 33lbs a couple of months ago, he is very tall, wearing 3-4 clothes and quite chunky (slimming down a bit now thanks to playing in the garden in summer) i wouldn't worry hun, just coz they are heavy now it doesn't mean that they always will be xx
  • Thanks ladies, you have reassured me although I think I knew this already I just needed to hear it from some other mummies!! I think I was more surprised as she's still fitting into 18-24 months clothes comfortably alhough her clothes are from next and I've heard next clothes come up bigger than other shops.
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