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Chicken pox

Can someone please tell me what the start of chicken pox looks like!

Jessica has developed a few red pin prick spots on her chest and feet!
I will keep looking to see if she develops any more spots!
If it is chicken pox, i have no idea where she got them from as she has not been around any small children!


  • Thanks, will see how it develops as the day goes on!
  • Half of me wants it to go and the other half wants it to be chicken pox, because at least then we get it out the way!
  • Hi Simone,

    How is jessica now??

    I know two children who have Chicken pox at the minute and they are both ok with it, not the nasty version Charl had last year.

    Jack took comfort from taking shallow baths with bicarb of soda in it. He said it stopped the itching and was having 4 baths a day!

    Take care, Zoe xx
  • Thanks will do, she only seems to have a few on her chest, neck and feet!
    I will feel really bad if it is chicken pox as we went to see a client of mine yesterday, who has a one year old daughter!
  • Has she had her jabs.Riley had all his and got chicken pox but he only had a few spots on his belly,mind you i think all kids react different due to their immune system.

    Get it checked by Dr if your worried hun.
  • Hi simone, how's Jessica now, any more spots? xxx
  • Well i took her to the doctor and they said it is hand foot and mouth! she is contagious(sp) but apart from that she should clear up in about seven days!

    Does anyone know about hand food and mouth as she only has blisters on her feet and spots on her chest!
  • ahh bless her, i think Ems kids have had it i'll give her a ring later and ask her. Nhs direct website is normally good and may give you more information on it.
    I hope she's ok take care xxx
  • Thanks Tasha, touch wood she seems ok in herself!

    Hope you are all ok xx
  • At least you know what she's got now Simone. How is she in herself?

    Take care, xx
  • Yeah she seems fine in herself xx
  • Hope your Jessica is ok, Simone.
  • Thanks for that Tasha!
    Its weird though as she only has the blisters on her feet, the doctor said the spots on her chest are an allergic reaction to the hand foot and mouth!
  • bless her, glad she's not too poorly though xxx
  • Hi Simone

    That's good it's not Chicken Pox!!!!
    I think my nieces had hand, foot and mouth when they were both little, they didn't seem poorly at all just had the rash.

    Hope she's all better soon xx
  • Adis cousins kids hae had this a few times over the years,they think her daughter was picking it up at school.

    Hope shes better soon and glad its not affecting her to much.
  • Well it does not seem to be affecting her at all, she went to bed at 7.30pm and did not wake up till 8.50am!
    Its a pain though as i don't think im allowed to take her out as she is contageous(Sp?).
  • Bless poor thing,and you as i do think you've gotta stay in.
    Should be a nice day,just play in the garden.
  • yes Simone it is v.contagious, not sure how long for?? So stuck at home for you im afraid. Like Emma says hopefully you can get out in the garden though? im glad she's not too bothered by it x
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