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Drying lo's hair- mostly for mums of girls

We've always given Beth a bath and washed her hair as part of her bedtime routine, but her hair's starting to get a bit longer and more girly now, and harder to dry! At the moment I'm just towelling it, but she's not keen on that and it never gets completely dry, I'm concerned about her going to bed with damp hair this time of year. Any tips? Should I try using a dryer on it- she seems too young for that? :\?


  • I've only just started using the drier on Lily's hair (she's 2 and a half) because I don't like it being damp. Evie is a baldy so I don't worry about it with her, but she hates the drier being on.

    Just a random thing I do is never wash towels with fabric softener in too as it stops towels from absorbing water. If I don't use the drier on Lily I try and get a fresh towel and squeeze and pat her hair dry, it doesn't get as luggy then. It seems to get most of the water out. But if were going out in the cold I will finish it off with the drier on the coolest, slowest setting. She actually enjoys it!

  • we started drying our daughters hair probably just over a month ago, and she is 2, like lea77, we do it on the lowest setting, lo loves it it really relaxes her and at least she is warm. often she falls asleep without her bedtime story as she lies on her bed as we comb it and dry it!! lol i wish someone would do that for me!! i aways go to bed with wet hair because i hate doing my own hair!! lol
  • I use the towel or the hair dryer on the lowest setting. Lily has very thick hair so needs must! x
  • I have tried using the hair dryer on Lily but at nearly 17months she is still terrified of it- I can't even use it on myself without her getting upset about it image we have resorted to only washing her hair every other night and just towel drying it really well its OK in these winter months as we put the fire on in the evenings so she will come down and have her milk so it dries fairly well. If I could use the hair dryer then I would so I say if your lo is OK with it definately worth a try.x
  • DD is 20 months old with a mop of thick, curly hair, just like mummy's. When we've washed and conditioned it I dry her hair with my diffuser in front of the mirror. She hated it at first but now sits there with her comb saying 'more please mummy' Very very cute lol!!
  • My lo loves getting her hair dried i do it on the cool setting.
  • Grace wont let me use the hairdryer on her. i have always let it dry naturally. she has her bath on a morning so its dry by the time we go out

  • I have a little boy but he has a HUGE mop of hair image I use a hairdryer on him as he is quite prone to colds and i don't like him hanging about with wethair this time of year, and he doesn't mind it at all. I use it on the coolest, slowest setting so it's not too loud or hot, and it's fine,the only problem i have is that he likes to twist to watch it so it's a pain to get the back of his head! x
  • I have a boy, and he has super-quick-drying hair (like his Dad) so he doesn't need a haridryer - but he always comes and stands beaming at me while I'm drying my hair until I give him a little blast of it - only on cool and from a distance, just so he can feel it moving his hair - but he loves it. I'd give it a try and see.
  • My little boy has a mop of hair as well. His bathtime or hairwash time if he decides to get food in it etc can be any time of the day. If it happens to be bedtime I towel dry first and finish off with a blast from the hairdryer. He has quick drying hair like me though as well, and his hair doesnt tangle very easily. Have used the hairdryer on him since he was about 9 months. When i dry my hair he has to have a blast from the dryer as well as he loves it, he actually now prefers the dryer to the towel.
  • Hi Poz

    we use the hairdryer with Maiya. have been for the last couple of months. luckily she loves the hairdyer - different story when i come to brush it though as she HATES combing or brushing of any kind!! am taking her for her first haircut on monday. should be fun (not)!!!!! Am sure Bethany will be fine with the dryer. is too cold for damp hair. plus they then have to sleep on a damp soggy sheet.YUK!!!
  • Thanks for all your replies. WIl definitely give the hairdryer a go then, although she's not keen on the noise of the hoover so I don't know how she'll take it! Worth a try though.
  • I've used the hairdryer on lo's hair (boy!) for well over a year, so I must have started when he was about 7 months. he has absolutely loads of thick, strong hair, and it would take about an hour to dry naturally. I only wash it once ever 7-10 days (unless he has smeared his dinner through it lol) as he detests having it washed. He absolutely loves the hairdyer though. Whenever I dry my own hair, I have to do 'one blast for mummy, one blast for Daniel' otherwise he goes nuts! And when we dry his hair, he sits on my lap and we dry it with him watching in the mirror. Such vanity at a young age! x
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