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Re-usable nappies help

Hello all

I was planning to start using non-disposable nappies for my 15 month lo. My intention also being to start him on potty training though am not in too much of hurry. At least lo should know when he wee's/ poos and slowly I can take him on from there. Also am expecting my second baby in feb 2010. I would like to use lo 1 's reusable for him. I am unable to decide which ones I should go for. Can you help me in deciding from your experiences a long lasting, durable, preferably cheap and a good nappy?

Many Thanks

ps: posting this in some of the other forums as well


  • hi ya i've been using baminex nappies which you need a wrap with too and you need to buy the different size nappies as lo gets older but have found them great. No leaks or sore bums etc but i have also just recently in the last couple of weeks been using some new tots bots all in one nappys that last from birth to potty and don't need separate wraps and the poppers on the front allow you to adjust the size of nappy so you can make it grow with lo and they're not much bulker then a disposable. and i have also found them great. they're a bit expensive at about ??12 a nappy but if you used them from birth to potty they would soon pay for themselves. hope thats some help any more ?'s just ask and i'll try my best to help x
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