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Anyone have a lo with a belly button hernia?

My lo is 12 weeks and im interested to know if anyones lo has this and does it really sort itself when the baby gets older. Kenny was premature and developed this at about 4 weeks old and it seemed to appear overnight. We have been told that it should sort itself by the age of 4 and if not he will need an operation. Its quite big and doesnt seem to bother him but my HV and doctor sent me up to the hospital as an emergency the other week as they were really concerned about it but the surgeon said its fine and not to worry.

Any advice would be great.


  • Hi! My son developed a belly button hernia when he was a few weeks old. The MW said it was probably from him straining when he needed to poo. It was quite big also. the doctor didn't seem too concerned and luckily it cleared up by itself before he was 4 months old. I'm sure it will settle by itself and its nothing to worry about. I know I panicked when my baby developed his and I thought something was wrong, but everything turned out fine. Hope everything goes well, Love Rachel XXX
  • my lo had an umbillical hernia but it cleared up by itself at about 5 months.
  • Thanks for the replies, i hope his clears up that quickly.
  • my daughter has an umbillical hernia which developd when she was a few weeks and we're told the same thing that'll it'll clear up by 3/4- i really hope so she's now 2 and its still there thou doesn't bother her at all. i spoke to my doc just recently about it and she said its unlikely to clear up on its own now but they wouldn't operate unless it bothered her or SHE asked 4 it to be done!!!!!
  • My GP is not happy with his hernia at all and has referred him to the surgeons at our local hospital. Im sure she must see lots of hernias so his must be quite large for her to be so concerned about it. I think it does cause him discomfort at times as I can hear gurgling in it and he cries immediately after this. We have called it Henry the Hernia, sad I know but its better than calling it the thing!
  • Hiya,
    my daughter developed a hernia when she was 7 months and had an operation at 8 months to remove it. I was never told it would clear up by itself and the op was the only option. Hers wasnt umbilical though, it was in her groin area so I don't know if that makes a difference??
    Just incase your Son does have the op, it was fine, my daughter was in and out of hospital in a day and we stayed with her right up till she went into theatre and were allowed to go back to theatre to get her after. The worst part was the waiting around at hospital while she was having it done as you can't help but worry!
    Hope this helps a bit!
  • Hernias in the groin are much more risky than umbilical ones. The doc said that groin hernias can become serious if the bowel becomes strangulated and lo would need immediate surgery. The operation would probably be similar in both hernias and im glad that your daughter recovered quickly from her op. That makes me feel a bit better knowing that he wouldnt be in hosp for too long.
  • Hi Denise, my little girl has a hernia and was diagnosed at her first jabs. She does have problems with jeans or skirts, they seem to hurt her around her middle. I too was told it would go away by itself and if not an operation would be preformed. Saying that she is much better now and it isnt as big, she was 18 weeks on Monday so im hopeing she will be ok and it will dissapear. I will be glad to have her in something other than dresses or babygros though as she has loads of cute jeans and trousers im dying to put on her. xxx
  • I know what you mean about clothes being a problem and nappies too. I have to fold the top of his nappy down so its not on his hernia and trousers have to be too big so it fits over it.
  • My lo was premature and had an umbilical hernia, we were referred to the hospital as it was so huge but docs ensured us that it would go away and sure enough it did when she was about 5 months old. They are quite common in prem babies apparently. x
  • Our little man has one and he is 27m old!
  • Forgot to say he's had it from birth also
  • My little girl is 9months old she an umbilical hernia which does go in and out. But since we noticed it around a month ago. She doesnt eat much anymore and struggles sleeping. The doctors think it may go on its own. She use to sleep through from 7 till 5. now she sleeps from 7 on and off having 3-4 bottles. I have been to the doctors twice but now feel im wasting my time taking her if we just have to wait for it to go.

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