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ta or thankyou

which do you use and why. toby says thankyou when at home but ta when with sil

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  • we used to use "ta" when he first starting speaking but now its either thanks or thank you
  • ta for babies under a year but then its thank you. x
  • ta then thank you x
  • i agree,we used TA when DS was little and learning to talk then progressed to THANK YOU when he could speak better x
  • We use ta, although dd says da ! I think they need to learn a form of thankyou early on and you cant get a young child to physically be able to say thank you so ta works.
  • I'm not using ta with Sam - I say thank you. I'm not worried about him not being able to say it yet, and I would feel odd saying ta to him as it's not a word I use.
  • We say thank you to Peter but I know that they say ta to him at nursery. I'm from the US so ta isn't a word I was familiar with until I moved over here. He doesn't say either yet (at 18 months - I despair!) but he does sign it, so that is something and I will keep working on actual speech.
  • its always been thankyou for us. being a scouser, i hate hearing kids saying 'ta' (imagine it with a scouse accent!) my husbands step mother always says ta to hollie and i hate it!
  • My mum says ta to Theo (it's not a word she uses otherwise) but it just sounds odd to me. I always use thank you and he has just started to occasionally say tak when asked to say thank you (he's 16 months). I tried tata to help make it easier for him once but it just sounded so weird as I never say it myself!
  • We too are ta as babies and then thank you.

    We are from the NE so TA is used a lot by everyone. I try to get everyone to say thank you.

    I looked after a little boy who had Downs. He used to say Wank U for thank you... taught him to say ta

    d xxx
  • I don't like Ta personally, but until ds could say Thanks or Thank you I did encourage Ta as I thought it was important for him to learn the manners and say something. He'd still hear us saying Thanks and Thank you to each other, and I'd say it to him. Now it's a mixture but I am trying to discourage Ta - it's usually if you give him his beaker of milk, for some reason, most other times he'll say Thanks.
  • I'm with THG as I'm Cdn and it's not a word over here - people would have no clue what dd was talking about...

    Funny thing is she says "bye" for thankyou and I have no idea why - she uses "bye" in the correct context as welll?!?! She can now say thank you quite well so I have to teach her when to use it...

    Personally we won't use "baby language" and other slang language like "ta" at any stage - I prefer to learn the proper word even if it takes a bit longer for her to say it properly... Just a personal preference...
  • should of said ta just my bad typing. i have always taught toby thank you but before he could say it we used baby signing. was taking to oh last night and it got me thinking as he seem to think most people use ta where i think most use thankyou.
  • i use different ones for each meaning, when lo has something he shouldn't i always used tar as an indication for him to give it me, but if i cgave him something i would say thank you, its gotta be confusing for kids as there are quite a few words that have different meanings. now he has a firm understand of both meanings he says and i say thank you. xx
  • I think Ta is cute i was a bit gutted when dd started saying thank you :lol: xx
  • we started with ta aswell and then moved to thank you ..dd says "dan du" close enough :lol:
  • my boy said ta wen he was a baby but says thank u now hes 2 yrs old. but a friend of ours runs her own nursery an she said they never encourage children/ toddlers etc to say ta always thank u. personally i dont think theres anything wrong with sayin ta
  • I always said ta when DD was a bubba but now its either ta, thanks or thank you. She usually says "danks mummy" if i give her something but funnily enough she says "dank you" if out and about and thanking the lady at the till for instance. Personally i dont think it matters, ta is just easier when they are little. Its nice when they have manners tho isnt it LOL!
  • i must be in the minority cause my LO went straight to saying thank you (clearly) just before her 1st birthday never had the need to teach her ta.
  • I must be in the minority too as I hate the word 'ta' - makes me cringe when people use it with my son. He's 2yr9mth and still not talking but we've always said thank you and he knows how to sign' it. As far as pronouncing it goes when I was little I'd pronounce it 'cue' 'so I'm not worried about that as long as the
    Polite side of
    It is acknowledged
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