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how old are your toddlers ??? :\) ive got one little boy whos 2 (will be 3 in sept)


  • I have a 2year old she will be 3 in july and Im 27 weeks pregnant....I hope my daughter copes well with the change...she seems to be looking forward to being a big sister........
  • awwww i can wait to have another but im getting married in aug so plans for a baby are on hold till then, bet your little girl will be great

    emma xx
  • I'm 26 weeks pregnant and also have a 17 month old boy daniel too :\) x
  • My boy will be 3 in sept too. I also have a girl 5 and TTC for nr:3
  • my daughter will be 3 in may, also have little boy 8 1/2 wks.
  • I have a little boy aged two three in june a 10 month old boy and expecting baby number three in september.
  • I have a 2.5 yr daughter and a 1 yr old new business, so no plans for no.2 just yet!! :O)
  • I have a 20 month old little boy and a little girl who will be 5 on Tuesday, no plans for number 3 at the moment, i have enough to do with 2!!!!!
  • hi there! i????ve got a two yearld old girl, called Elisa. We are ttc a brother or sister for her! nice meeting everyone!
    amanda xxx
  • hi there im 22 and got a 4 yer old he will be 5 in june and a 2 year old who will 3 in july and im also expecting ym 3rd in june
  • mt oldest will be six in july, my toddler will be 2 in may and no 3 is due in aug!
  • my little boy is 18 months :\)
  • Hiya ladies... My little lady is nearly 14 months old...We are off on our holidays next week and I hope she is going to behave on the plane, ha ha!

    Its my first time posting so look forward to chatting again soon x
  • hi, my eldset little boy was 2 in january and my youngest little boy will be 1 in august. gettin married feb 08 and plan 2 have another after that
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