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am i being selfish

i know im being silly, and your right there will be plenty of parties ahead, im going to have 1 for my sons 1st then im going to do the same with him until he starts school, its not like they remember anway, and she going to get 2 cakes and 2 small parties 1 with us and 1 with grandparents, so she will be better of lol. karen xx


  • my daughter will be 3 in 3 1/2 weeks, i have decided not to have a party for her as it is mostly adults there, but we are going to take her out for the day just me, her, wee man, and oh. going to do whatever she wants, have a picnic, go to the beach etc.once she starts school and makes wee friends then ill have parties for her, do you think im being selfish not having a party for her.
  • hello chucky! my daughter was two last week and i decided not to have a party either and we went out to the zoo and had lunch at burger king! she loved every minute of it and not sure if i????ll have a party when she turns 3 either as i????m sure they have more fun doing something they really like with mummy and daddy and maybe grandparents? i????m sure there will be plenty more birthdays we will be able to give them huge parties that they will enjoy and be old enough to appreciate too!
    amanda xxx
  • i dont blame you i have had parties for my daughters 1st and 2nd birthday and feel that i missed out on her special day as i was to busy looking after everyone else and preparing food,cleaning up ,ect so this year it will just be us xxx
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