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any ideas for an 18 month old? i have got her big presents (wooden kitchen, talking dora&backpack, massive upsydaisy, itng building bricks)

just need some little inexpensive things



  • So far i have bought Lucy a couple of tiny christmas books, a small Upsy Daisy, a little pack of crayons and some hair clips....she'll also get a satsuma and an apple!

    If your on facebook the clips i bought were from this seller (i would highly recomend them).....
  • my m ums doing ym dd but how about things like...
    bath - anything, a toy, book a flannel
    hair accessories - hair bits if she has long enough hair, hair brush
    clothing - tights, socks, slippers.
    treat - fruit or something edible
    eating - if she hasnt already a knife, fork and spoon set. you can get these quite cheap. Her own bowl and plate if she hasnt got an older childs one

    Think of little things that she might be needing in the next 3-6 mths.
    Il try and think of some more
  • I've been having stocking filler dilemmas too! I never had a stocking so wasn't sure what to put in. So far I've got them:-

    Hair clips and bobbles (just for Lily)
    A bottle of bubbles
    A pair of peppa pig slipper socks
    A couple of small toy cars
    A kids cutlery set! (Bit random but I couldn't resist them :lol: )
    A pencil with Makka Pakka on the end.

    I'm also going to put in an orange as it seems traditional and don't want them too hyped up on sweets. I will probably add a few more bits as I see them.

    I don't know if you'll have one near you but there's a shop called b&m bargains near us, it's sort of a step up from the pound shop but still cheap. They have loads of toys (they had all the ITNG wooden toys, peppa things, Thomas loads of stuff) and small bits ideal for stockings, might be worth a look if you know of a similar place.
  • thanks girls, some brill ideas.
    yes we have a B&M , i love it. seen the ninky nonk in there for ??12.99!!!

  • I saw that too, great value! Hubby had to drag me away :lol: cos we've already got all the girls main presents, but I really wanted to get Evie the wooden itng abacus!

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