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...taking LO to get weighed? we stopped getting JJ weighed at 9 months because we were fed up of being told he was overweight, then he got weighed at his 12 month assessment and hasn't been weighed since...he'll be 15 months in 2 weeks and was thinking of getting him weighed again as he's been poorly and has lost a lot of weight, he's back into some 9-12 months clothes and all his 12-18 stuff is baggy...just didn't wanna take him to be told "what u doing here?" lol x


  • Bless you, you should come to my baby clinic. I just get told Well Done when I get my little podge weighed. Although I haven't had him weighed for around 4 months so who knows what I'll be told when I take him on Wednesday - for my own curiosity more than anything else.

    You know he's a happy, healthy boy so you shouldn't let silly comments put you off going - especially as he's so tall so he balances out xx
  • They really shouldn't make you feel like you shouldn;t be there! I always had my lo weighed loads until I went back to work (9 months), but there's a nice stay and play group at the clinic so it was nice to get out and socialise a bit with other mums and babies. I went last week (16 months), and probably last went before that a couple of months ago - we're the opposite, my lo's weight gain has never been great, you worry either way don't you. There were a few familiar faces there who still seem to turn up every week even though their lo's are over 1 now. There are also occasionally older kids there getting weighed.

    If you want to take JJ then take him, they shouldn't make you feel unwelcome - although beware it might make you broody when you see all the smaller babies there!
  • i went last week and although they were lovely and weighed her for me they said now she is over 1 yr it should be about 3 time a year.

  • I've not had lo weighed since late August and wont go back until her 2 year check in early 2010.

    I used to go loads as she is so petite but hv told me off lol! I've never weighed her on our scales - she wouldn't stand still for long enough!

    If he's been quite poorly and think he's lost a lot of weight I would take him tbh to see where he's at now. Can't do any harm can it?!!
  • I've not taken rhys for about 4 months now as we just put him on the scales at home, but they never had a problem with me taking him up till then.
    There are usually the odd older children there too when we go. All they said to me was that once he turned 1the most I needed to take him was once a month
  • Bad mummy admission coming up :lol:
    Barney was last weighed 4 months ago at his 12 mth check. Before that he was last weighed at about 5 1/2 months. I use our scales so I have a rough idea how much he weighs (if he won't cooperate I weigh myself first, then get on with him) but I figure he's clearly putting on weigh, he's healthy and happy so I couldn't give a monkeys how much he weighs. I'd also probably get a lecture for having such a heifer :lol: he's just under 30lb at 17 mths :O
  • I used to weigh Rhys on the wii board ha ha
  • ANother bad mummy ..... used to get him weighed every 2 wks but was fed up being told he was too heavy (and I should put him on a diet !) then when he did lose weight i was told I was weaning him wrong !!

    We've not had a 12 month check, my hv are rubbish. ALthough I'll ask to get him weighed when he has his mmr but that's been postponed till the new year as he's been so poorly lately.

    But when we were at the hospital the nurses did exactly what Bedhead does (weighs herself 1st etc, so that's what I've been doing to get a rough idea of his weight.

    Totally agree with bedhead. He's happy and healthy so I don't give a monkeys right now. If he starts tucking into fried pizza and full fat coke then I'll worry, lol. Suz x
  • I have NEVER taken Holly on a regular basis to get weighed! In fact last time she was weighed was at her 13 month check, I have hv tomorrow so I presume she will be weighed then. I know myself Holly is ok weigh wise so dont see the point.
  • Shea is 26months and hasn't been weighed since he was 13months but i'm certainly not a bad mummy as my local clinic told me once they turn 12months they only really want to weigh them yearly!!

    I also work full time now so its hard for me to take him, but I ahve friday off so taking him for his yearly then.
  • I haven't taken lo since he was about 9 months, and he's 23 months now. I do weigh him, but at home. I step on the scales holding him in my arms and then step on the scales on my own and find out his weight that way. And then I look at the graph in his red book just to see where he is on the line. He's always been between the 50 and 75 centile for weight and height, and thats where he still is. I think that as long as they're happy and healthy, all is well x
  • Omg Gabe is nearly 19 months and I still get him weighed every month, defo!! Not sure why but I like to know, he's only put on 2lb in a YEAR & dropped from 91st to under the 25th centile, I like to keep an eye on him TBH! xxxx
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