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My little girl is getting big!

Hi everyone,
We have been to IKEA this morning and bought Millie a bed! She helped us pick it, helped build it when we got home and has now quite happily gone to sleep in it for her nap! She was so pleased with it that she wanted to go to sleep before her lunch and had to be persuaded downstairs to eat first!

I am feeling a bit sad that my baby is getting so grown up, did anyone else feel like this when they put their lo's in a bed for the first time?
Kerry xx


  • Yes I did, my dd was 22months when I changed her cot to a bed because she had climbed out the night before and didnt want to risk it again.
    She absolutely loved it, She was in bed all day and couldnt wait for bedtime.
    I felt very sad that my little girl was no longer a baby but very excited that she had turned into a lovely little girl.
    Although now 5 months on she isnt going to bed at night without crying that she doesnt like bed! xx
  • I was just the same! We put Joe in a bed when I was abou 4 months pregnant with Evie, he was just under 2 1/2 and we didn't want him to feel that he was being pushed out of it for baby. He took to it straight away and still loves it now!!
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