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Nail Cutting!!!!!!

My ds will not let me anywhere near his nails and he grabs the nail clipper before I can get anywhere near them! :roll: Have tried TV as a distraction but doesn't work and can't give him anything as a distraction as then can't get near his fingers. Just wondered if anyone's LO was like this? Any tips? I have two scratches on my chest - lovely!! I have to do it today somehow! :lol:

Oh and just changed my name from bellah to Bliss!


  • Hello! Al used to be good as gold when I cut his nails but lately has started to squirm when I get the clippers out! I tend to do a couple of nails (in front of the tv too!) and then do another couple ten minutes later etc until they are all done. x
  • DS is the same and always has been. I tend to his when he is asleep to prevent me chopping his fingers off.
  • I don;t use clippers, we use scissors. I dont use the baby ones as I find they are rubbish. I just use s,all medical scissors.

    My dd went through a stage of not letting me do them. Best time is after a bath as they are softer. When they have a cold or arent well make the most of nail cutting then too!

    Not sure why but whenever my daughter sees some scissors she pints and says nails. So I can now do most of them after a bath. Not sure if it has anything to do with ehr seeing my hubby cut his nails.

    Have also found lying her on ehr back after her bath and singing nursery rhymes whilst cutting ehr toe nails distracts her too.
  • we use baby nail scissors, i think they are tommee tippee ones. And we always do it when LO is asleep, his hand so floppy so easy to hold it and little fingers to cut the nail.
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