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how often do you bath your kids?

just wondering how often you bath your toddlers i bath my daughter everymorning but have heard this is bad for her?


  • hiya who's told you that it's bad for you?? I bathed my son everyday from being about 2 /3 weeks old As long as you don't use bubblebath, shampoo & a baby wash every time it's ok.

    daniel is now 20 months old and I bath im every night as part of his routine, I use johnson's baby bath wash to wash him and his hair. H'es only in the bath for 5/10 mins (depending how dirty he is! lol) just to give everything a bit of a wash. xxx
  • Hi i heard the same thing yesterday they say its bad for their skin making them more prone 2 exma feel bad if true cos bath my 3 every night its part of bedtime 2 them
  • I got told this when my first was born too as i was bathing her everyday but she developed very dry flaky skin so hv advised to do every other night. I did this for both my children up until they started weaning and become dirtier now both are bathed every night unless there are unforeseen reasons why i cant as it is for the routine but when they are newborn i would tend to do it every other day but to a top to toe wash each day. Hope this helps xxx
  • it was mother and baby magazine there was a thing on the radio about it so my oh said, but i shall still bath my daughter everyday i like to think she is clean!
  • its been in the media recently that we wash our babies too much & this can prevent them building up an immune system. I guess its up to you really, i don't bath Freddie everyday, probably 4/5 times a week. Tend not to use any baby wash as he has dry skin, also the only parts that get dirty are his bum, hands, & face - so tend to wash these as part of normal nappy changing/daily washing routine.
  • Hi - I bathed my 2 every other day - 2 days when they were babies, as both sufferred mild excema and was advised by health visitor not to bathe every day. Now aged 4 1/2 and nearly 2, they still get bathed every other day, or if its a hot day then every day. I shower/bathe every day so why shouldn't they have regular washes!! Sam xx
  • i bath my 1yr old pretty much every day as he seems to sleep better.when i dont he seems 2 wake up crying 1-2hrs after putting him 2 bed.he does not have any skin prob + he get moisturise every day he well pampered! Every one comment on his beautiful clear skin. My advise is do wot u feel best dont worry as long as no skin prob + kids dont smell u doing it right!:lol:
  • hi. i bath all my kids every night. and mine don't have any skin problems. i wash their hairs 3 times a week. they love to have a bath and it is a play time for them.
    but every parent is different and you do whats right for you and your child. take care.xxxx
  • Hi I bath my daughter every morning and wash her hair every other day. She loves her bathtime and it wakes her up and relaxes her for the day ahead. I dont think its a problem bathing them everyday in plain water shouldnt do them any harm.
  • hi i must be a bad mummy. my two have exczema bbut they are lucky if they are bathed once a week. !!!!!!! however bathing them more or less has never made a difference to the eczema if that helps - they are still bad with it
  • i bath eve every night as part of her routine. wash her hair and use softwash everyday. she has no skin probs. done that evr since i got her home from the hospital. she is now 14 months x
  • i bath shannon every night just b4 bed, it helps her chill so she sleeps better x shannonsmummy06 x
  • i bath my son every night and he has exzema and the dermotologist he sees at the hospital told me thats the right thing to do as long as his skin is well moisurised after his bath otherwise the parts of his exzema that he scratches could get infected and it also cools his skin down in the summer so stops him being as itchy. xx
  • hi,
    i bath my baby every other day but do the top and tail wash every day.
    I also have a 2 year old and a 4 year old and i bath them a couple of times a week and wash their hands bum and faces everyday.
    I am rushed off my feet as it is and only get to sit down for an hour before i go to bed, i simple dont have time to bath all three kids every single day. still i must wash them enough because their hair is never greasy and they never look grubby.
    Toni x
  • hi i bath my dd every day ,part of her nighttime routine, she sleeps well since we have been doing this over a year,
    also loves the water.
    i only physically wash her every other day inc her hair. the inbetween days she just plays in the water and i wash her face and hands we use matey for bubbles and her skin is lovely and soft, i wash her with johnsons softwash it makes her hair smell lovely
  • I bath my 15month old every day unless something interrupts the routine. HE has his hair washed daily too (not that ther's much of it) but its generally full of food or drink!!
    He spends close to 30 mins in the bath playing then swimming!!. I used to use baby bath everyday but he did develop some dry patches on his tummy so now just use plain water.
    It has been part of his nighttime routine forever!! and he literally gets out has a bottle and is asleep. I think it helps tire him out.
  • We generally bath Tom once a week. He doesn't need any more than that and when we used to bath him every day he would get very dry skin anyway. He's only a toddler. Its not like he gets sweaty pits and bits or anything!
  • hi
    I wash my two 3 years and 5 years every other day - they're fine with that - apart from anything don't have time to do every day....
  • I bath my 12 week old baby every day coz his bum stinks otherwise tbh!! I used to do it every other day to save hassle but decided I would prefer him to be clean. My older two (6+4) get bathed at least every other day
  • i bath my 2 year old every other day unless she gets grubby then its everyday, she enjoyes her bath & loves to play & it relaxes her for bed its part of her routine now so i dont mind too much x
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