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Hi all..
2wks ago Benjamin was ill andhad trouble slleping and would be quite restless at night,and sometimes would get out of his bed and come out onto the landing crying...anyway he is all better now but....the getting out of bed as continued.
He is 20mths old and prior to this slept soundly in his bed,even in the morning he tended to stay in bed chattering to himself until i went in to him!
Now though,as soon as i put him to bed he will get out and come onto the landing and sit at the top of the stairs looking through the stair gate down into the living room.He does not cry or really do anything,just sits!
I've been up and returned him to bed ect,but he simply just gets back out...after afew nights of wearing myself out i decided to just leave him,as i said he does not seem bothered or cries,just sits there,then after about an hour he will get up and go back to bed himself!
The mornings are the same,he gets out of bed and sits at the top of the stairs until I go to him or call him into my room!
I tried putting him to bed later as thought maybe he just was not tired..made no difference..he does it if he has napped in the day or not.
Im now thinkingi should put the stair gate onto his doorway,so he cant come out,but as he seems happy sitting on the landing im loathe to maybe make things worse iyswim?
Maybe i should be more stern and keep returning him to bed instead of leaving him to decide,as im worried this may be a long running thing and will only get worse?
Any hints or similar stories would help!!!!!
He went to bed just after 7pm tonight and as now just gone into his room and to bed(i hope!) lol
Its odd but just alittle bit cute that he is doing this!!!!!!!
thanks x


  • Not got this far yet with my lo but what you are doing sounds ok to me. He's obviously not upset so if you are happy to leave him. It's good he finally gets the message and goes to bed! You could keep returning him to bed as well and also not talk to him so he knows he's not going to get any attention. I'm sure he'll settle back down soon. At least he's not screaming and shaking the stair gate!!!!

    And yes it does sound cute xx
  • My daughter use to do this at the same age 2ish and her sister whos now 2 does the same thing sometimes. She use to sit at the gate and sometimes fall asleep there!! You could try moving the gate but he might even still do it. My daughter's was on her b'room door and she still fell asleep infront of it! Its def something he will grow out of tho, must be the age! x x x x
  • hi hun well we hd this with jack so i spoke to my h/v and she suggested that .....

    *we put jack to bed ,read a story and say goodnight
    *stay close and if he gets out of bed go in put him back and say"if u get out of bed i will shut the door"
    *if he gets out again shut the door and hold for 2 mins(age equivelant)
    *go back in put him in bed dont speak
    *repeat everytime he gets out of bed

    this is working for us jack is sooooo much better and only takes about 10-15 minutes to go to sleep now and is going about 7pm ish instead of 8-9 ish

    hth xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • We are having this with Zara too at the minute. She is only 17 months but we had to take her cot sides down as she was climbing out & I was afraid of her getting hurt. We have tried everything with her, including what your hv suggested CB2, without any luck at all. Trouble is she thinks it is all just a game & we have to get cross (or at least put on a cross voice) with her before she'll eventually settle. Unfortunatey she is just to young to understand the concept of if you dont stay in bed we'll shut the door & to be honest having the door shut doesnt bother her anyway (sometimes if we have left it slightly open she'll get out, run over & close it!!) so its a vicious circle & at the minute we are just having to be persistant & hope that eventually she catches on as she gets a it older.

    Hilary x
  • Isaac was great for the first 2 weeks he was in a bed, now he is up all the time, if he comes out of his room I just go and put him back to bed, he eventually gets the message but often he gets out of bed and plays in his room. I dont mind as long as he stays in his room, he does eventually go back to bed. Nightmare is at the moment he wakes at 5am, gets up and plays, then wants to go back to bed at 7 when I need him to get up :roll:
  • We've just put lo in a bed 2 nights ago (or is it 3?) he just kept getting out! We've been really strict tho and marched him straight back, quick kiss and back out of the door. To start with he flollowed us and was at the door quicker than we were. The first night we did it for over an hour. Lst night it was half hour and tonight it was 10mins and back in bed twice! Funny thing is that when I went to get him this morning he met me at the door looking shheepish and ran back to his bed! I then tried to explain he could get up now! Yesterday morning he was up at 6.23am over an hour earlier than we are up normally. I put him back in bed with a couple of toys so me and hubby got an hours extra kip!
    Good luck, I'm sure you know what is best, us mummy's often do whe it comes to our own kids.

    lo 18m and 18+2
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