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Blind Cord safety advice


I have recently heard of another tragic case of a very young baby being strangled by the cords on a set of blind.

I moved into my new house 10 months ago and all the blinds in the conservatory and living room have cords on them. We can't afford to replace them at the moment so how do I make them safe? What is the best device? I have tried to use the ones that tie the up out of reach but the cords are very long and this isnt practical.

My lo isnt left in a room on his own for any length of time but it only takes such a short time for this to happen and Im so worried about it. Im just finished redecorating the conservatory so thought that now it is going to be a functional room I need to get the sorted out asap.

Is it best to have the cords as tensioned as possible and attahced to the wall? Is this enough to prevent such a horrific accident?

Thanks Em x


  • http://www.amazon.co.uk/BabyDan-Babydan-Cord-winder-2s/dp/B000NUT5PI/ref=pd_sim_by_2

    I haven't used these but a friend of mine has them. looking on amazon there is some for a lot cheaper as well, basically the cord is stored in the plastic thing

    hth x x
  • Thanks but that the kind of thing I already have. The cords on my blinds are way too long for them and my lo has manage to climb on a toy and reach the cords!
  • I dont know what cords you have but i've cut all of mine so there's no loop x
  • We shortened the bobble-cord ones that we have in the new baby's nursery - they can go quite short - and still be long enough to have the blind fully open or fully closed (iyswim?)

    Or could you put a couple of cup-hooks high on your wall and use them to keep the cord out of the way?
  • the ones with bobbles on are the new cords, if weight is put on these they are intended to snap, and if that fails the bobbles act as a kind of barrier the increase the time it would normally take to strangle a child. my really long normal cords are either wrapped around a hook thing high up on the wall, or folded together several times and knotted up at the top, again out of reach of my lo. xx
  • alternatively, take all the blinds down for now and just buy voile panels and net wire (net wire is about 50p and you can pick voiles up for about ??1) x
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