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having trouble at meal times...

My son is 2 and a half and he was the same, into food one day and then hating it the next! What made it worse was visiting the grandparents who would happily give anything he wanted, ie crisps, biscuits etc. I wouldnt feel bad about the milk and cereals, Pae, at least you know shes getting her vitamins and minerals and from my own experience, I can tell you she will get better, even if it takes time. My boy is much now even tho he still has off days where he cant be bothered to eat. Dont give in with rubbish food, serve what you always serve and let her sort herself out. Kids are more resilient then we give them credit for and what she didnt eat today, she may well eat tomorrow!


  • oh dear elisa used to be a very good eater until recently she has become very fussy! she has just turned two, and i cant seem to make her eat hardly anything laltely if its not fish fingers or! anyone in the same situation?i dont know what to do and its doing my head in, im so worried she isnt eating enough i????ve started to give her milk+cereals in her bottle again at bedtime...i know i shouldnt but she throws terrible tantrums every meal time and dh and i are getting any advice?:roll:
    amanda xx
  • i wouldnt worry to much, she wont starve, my dd goes through this all the time, when she gets really hungry she eats whats in front of her, i think all children go through a stage of not eating,someone once said to me they will eat it before it eats them, its true. take care. xxx
  • thankyou nice to know someone else has gone though this too, its been the same again today she has actually had another massive tantrum again...i just hope i have enough patience to get through this phase its drving me mad!!lol
    thanks again and take care too xxx
  • unfortunatly when they get to about 2 they do things like not eating because they want some control and one of the easiest ways for them to do it is by refusing to eat anything apart from what they want and the best way to deal with it is stick to your guns because if you give in they will use the same tactics over and over again but they will not let themselves starve if you are worried write down every tiny thing that she eats and you'll probably find it is more than you thought. hope she gets out of it soon...anita xx
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