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just wondering if anyone has tried Muzzy?
I was going to order it for ds but it's pretty expensive so i'd love to know if it's actually value for money before i part with the cash!


  • Hi, I've seen bits of it before and to be honest I think it is pretty rubbish. You would be just as well to get a DVD of something they like in a foreign language. We live in Norway so we have a mixture of kids stuff in English and Norwegian, the Noddy in Norwegian is proving helpful for me lol!! x
  • i havent got it but i think its also expensive and tbh i think the cartoon looks rubbish,i would go to the library and get one out

  • i did think it looked alright, however they haven't got the one laguage i'm after, dutch/flemish, so not of any use to us really, although it does seem really expensive.

    depending on what languages ur looking for u could look on amazon and order other countries evrsions of dora or other kids dvds etc, i know in belgium dora is flemish teaching english, so it might be like that for some other countries too, think most are in their languae and english as t????he second language, so u'll be able to understand what being said for most of it too as u'll know the engish bits, iyswim? x
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