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Reaction to MMR??

Hi there

Just wondered if anyones los had had any reactions to their MMR vaccines?? Poppy had hers just over a week ago and yesterday was really poorly, she had no appetite, a raging fever that hit 40 degrees so had to call NHS direct and generally didn't know what to do with herself. We had to get her to sleep in a cool room in just a vest and wake her every 4 hours to give her calpol to help bring the temperature down. It worked though and this morning she was much better but now has a little speckly rash all over her body - like measles really.
If she has reacted to the measles part of the vaccine does this mean she is likely to react to the mumps part too??


  • This happened after both sets of MMR's with Sonny

    He had last one at start of Nov & a week later was vomming for 4 nights in a row, had fever & generally not a happy boy for a week.

    We saw a pediatrician for something unrelated at the same time & I mentioned about him being ill twice after MMR & he said that it was quite common. NOT what the nurse said when he was having it done image
  • both my girls had a "bad week" after their MMR's, It was like a delaid reaction, The nurse only said they may feel a little unwell overnight....of course I believed her and took them to docs(at seperate times). It wasn't until the second time I went with my middle one that the doc told me its a common thing to happen....hello why didnt the nurse tell me that in the first place and come to think of it the doc with my eldest?????
    Both had the rashy type thing too but it went on its own after two/three days.
    My son on the other hand had no reaction atall...weird how it affects some and not others.
  • Thank you both for your replies - I was starting to get really worried about her as she's normally such a happy little thing and the last couple of days has been so clingy and unhappy - I don't like seeing her like that but now I know it's sort of 'normal' I feel much happier.
    Thanks again
  • L????am was unwell ????mmed????atey after h????s - He slept for 16 hours sol????d. He soon perked up though
  • Not related to your post but just wanted to say hi! We spoke a while back on the baby forum! lol!

    Amy image
  • Well, her reaction got worse and we ended up at the emergency doctors on Saturday morning - when I got her up in the morning, she was covered in spots - they were even in her little girl bits image . I just wanted to get her checked out. Anyway, the doctor confirmed that she had contracted a mild form of measles from the vaccine. She is still not 100% but is lots better but covered in spots. He said that just because she reacted to the measles part of the vaccine does not mean that she'll react to the mumps, he also said she may be ok after the next lot of vaccines.
    I feel bad, I know the vaccine is necessary but it's made her so poorly and I feel guilty!
    Ps Hi Amy - how are you and lo doing?
  • Donna how is Poppy doing? I hope she feels better soon!
    Sam has his jags on Wed and I'm really worrying about the side effects!
    x x x
  • Lily has her MMR tomorrow. Quite concerned about potential side effects now, but I know she's got to have it done. We've been lucky with all her other jabs as she hasn't had any reactions at all.
    Hope Poppy is feeling better soon.
  • Sorry to hear about Poppys reaction thats really bad, i feel for you! Jaydens got his MMR on Friday and im really not looking forward to it especially reading these posts. Hes been ill with a cold and bad cough dont want him to be ill again image does anyone know if they can still have the MMR if they have a cold and cough? xx
  • they prefer not to give them if they are poorly as they can make them even worse so wait till friday morning & if he is still not 100% then reschedule imo,
  • Lily had a cold at her 12 month booster jab and they still went ahead. I was told as long as they don't have a temp, then it's fine. However MMR may be different so I would check on the day.
  • Emilie - try not to worry - the doctor told me that most babies/toddlers don't suffer with any side effects - we've just been unlucky and she is looking much better this morning. She had no side effects from any of her other jags so far, just this one.
    I know it is a necessary evil though and I'm still glad I had it done - if this was a mild dose of measles I'd hate to see what a proper dose was like!!
    Thanks again for everyones advice & comments on my first post in the toddler forum!!xx
  • So sorry to hear about Poppy's reaction. How is she now? My mum had measles when she was a baby/toddler and almost lost her eye sight completely as a result. She eventually had surgery on the muscles around her eyes when she was nine years old and wears very heavy glasses now. She has never learnt to drive because she doesn't have faith in her eyesight. You wouldn't think that a childhood illness could have such a dramatic effect on a person's life. Haydn has had the MMR jabs and was subdued for a few days but he was missed for his 12 month boosters, the nurse who gives the jabs is very rarely there she is off ill so much.

    I hope you are both well now. So sorry to hear that you'd been made redundant-great to be able to spend extra time with Poppy though!

    Denise xx
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