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febrile covultions

hi my little girls nearly four and she just had a febrile convultion last week has n e one had a similar experience i just cant seem to chill out about it im so scared i wont cope if she does it again im usally a very chilled out person but i was so scared i thought she was dying my oh keeps telling me shes fine but i cant help feeling panicked help!!!:cry:


  • Hi,

    My son had one when he was bout 20 months. I was pregnant with no 4 at the time so had been doing my usual and watching baby progs and those a&e ones and remembered seeing an episode bout them. Once I figured out what was happening, I just went into autopilot and stripped him down to his nappy, laid him on his side in the bathroom and kept wiping a cold wet flannel over him. We did go hospital in an ambulance as we didn't have a cuase and it turned out his glands were up and they said one ear was slightly inflamed inside too so coupled with the hot weather (this was last summer) it spiked his temp and caused the convulsion.
    He's been fine since but I know what u mean, for the rest of that summer I was scared it mite happen again!! And, like me, if it does(godforbid)happen again, u'll prob go into autopilot because it's ur little girl.
  • thanx for replying just wish i could chill out my oh thinks im loosing it ive been sodesperate for baby no 3 now i keep thinking omg what if i cant cope?
  • Relax, take a deep breath and will be fine! Luke is my 3rd and he was the 1st of my lot to have had one. No4 is nearly 8 months and I dearly hope we never have to go thru that experience again but if it does happen we'll get thru it. It would help if your oh was a little kinder thou - he's probably trying to stay positive and upbeat to try and calm ur fears away but in reality is more than likely just as concerned as u r. It's still fresh in ur minds, having only happened last week but ur fears will ease gradually.
  • thanx your really nice image its nice to now that there are people who have been there i think im starting to feel better had a really busy day today helping my friend with her contractions and it really took my mind off of it and i realised id not obsessed all day lol
  • image Hope ur friend is doing ok!! Glad u've felt bit better today too!
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