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Cough question

Oscar's got a nasty cough, runny nose, temp etc but is wheezing quite badly and seems very out of breath. I'm lucky that he's never had a cold before but last time he had a cough it was bronchiolitis and I didn't realise. Is it normal to wheeze etc with a cold?

Thanks very much ladies xx


  • i personally would get him checked hun if hes wheezing and has temp. lolah has a cough too and started wheezing last week and is now on an inhaler to help her. it could be a number of things- chest infection, bronchiolitis or could be nothing but better to be on the safe side. xxxx
  • Thanks love. That was my instinct too but I don't want to be seen as over-reacting. He's asleep right now so I'll get him to the docs in the morning if he stays asleep bless him. My poor little pudding. And poor Lolah, I hope she's better soon xx
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