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What is it with ppl a bit of a rant

Hi ladies ill warn this is a bit of a rant but hoping ill feel better afterwards,

Saw some ppl in town today when i was out shopping they were my ex bosses from a small family run chip shop i used to work at when i was still at school and college,

Well they were admiring my daughter and asking about my bump when i was due etc then asked about where i was living who with that sort of thing only because the last time i saw them i had only just found out i was expecting again and had only just been given a council house as was still living with my mum,

Well to get to the point i got the following comments
"Oh isnt she very clean and well dressed" in a shocked manner
"How are you going to cope on your own with two"
"Your mum will be helping you out alot then will she"

I was very taken aback what is it with people and them thinking that because your a single mum your children would be dirty or you cant cope and rely on everyone else, it really gets my back up as im not blowing my own trumpet or anything but im a great mum! My daughter is always fed watered clean and in clean clothes (my washing machine is never off) My house is always clean and tidy i do get comments from friends asking if i actually have a child in the house as its so tidy but its just the way ive been brought up.
It really upset me to think that people expect her to be dirty and the new baby to be looked after more by my mum than me i can say im a stay at home mum my daughter goes to nursery for 3 hrs on a tuesday and friday morning as i wanted her to get used to other children before her little sister arrives and my mum takes her to town for a couple of hrs on a sat morning and an hr on a sunday morning to feed the ducks other than that she is with me 24/7 i dont even let her go with my friends as i dont want ppl thinking "oh she is a single mum so thats why the little one is palmed off here there and everywhere" it has really really upset me.
Has anyone else experienced this?
What do you all think?

Rant over thanks for listening Sophie 36+3 xx

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