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pillows for 11 month old?

If I remember rightly the recommended age for pillows in cots/beds is 12 months. I put one in Tylers cot last night and he slept so much better but I worried all night! Its silly coz he has a big stuffed dog in his playpen that he falls asleep on like a pillow and I never bat an eye lid (maybe because Im awake)

Do you think I should leave off until he is a year or just chill out and let the boy kip?

Elaine & boys xxxxxx


  • my little girl no 18 months had a pillow at around 9 months cos she had a cold and i never took it away she slept so much better with it. so i don't see any problem with it, but do what you feel is best.
  • Shea has had a pillow since before a year, I used to worry too, but I don't any more, let him sleep.............have you ever tried sleeping without a pillow - its not the cosiest!!
  • well it seems to be working. He slept 9.30-6 then bk to sleep after a milk till 7.20 - that is the best nights sleep I've had in years coz Isaac didnt wake either! xx
  • I used a pillow from 9 months and he sleeps much better, he wont sleep flat anymore no even on the setee he has to have a cushion of toy to lay on.
  • You need to do what you're comfortable with. We use a pillow although sometimes he sleeps without it and he's fine. I think if he's able to push things off himself and scream he's fine in our case, but it's personal choice. I think the reason they want to put pillows off after 1 is more to do with the neck and spine as even adults shouldn't really use a pillow!
  • Glad you got a goot kip JunieMummy. Do you get special baby pillows..... or just use our big one's?
  • I got a 'toddler' pillow from Ikea for harry at about 10 months as he had a cold and can't prop his cot up properly but this week he's had a new cold and an adult pillow and likes it better. He's sleeping really well now. I'd let the boy sleep! Aint gonna hurt and if you get too paranoid just pop it under the bottom sheet xxxx
  • Kara started using a pillow from about 14 months although when she had a cold I always did prop her up with one. Kara is in a double bed from 15 months and has 2 normal pillows and has no bother with it. She loves it and there are times when she wakes up and she isn't even on them. I dont worry about her at all with them as I know she is fine. She is 20 months now.
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