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Drinking Chocolate?

Hey Ladies, Sorry but not been on for ages, been busy with work etc... Hope you and your lo;s are all well.

Anyhow just a quick question my dd has never been great at drinking milk she is now 18mths and has been refusing her supper which is normal breakfast cereal with milk, would you or do you give them drinking chocolate out a cup? Would this be bad of me???? Also any other supper options I may not be considering are all apreciated. She has dinner at 4.30/5 so thought she really would be hungry at bedtime which is 7.30.

Thanks in advance


  • I've got the same problem with my lo, he's never taken cow's milk. I tried giving him chocolate milk, but he wouldn't take that either!
    If he's still hungry in the evening, he'll happily have a banana or a yogurt, that seems to keep him going until morning. Or if you want something with calcium could you try toast with some sort of soft cheese on it? My lo eats plenty of cheese and yogurt and has milk with his breakfast so I don't worry too much about his not drinking milk.
  • I give cole chocolate or strawberry milkshake as a treat, or if I want to be sure he'll drink some milk. Not at bedtime though. i don't think its naughty of you to think about hot chocolate - nothing wrong with it if it gets the milk down them imo. Cole actually likes to choose which milkshake to have too - although I might not do that again after he stuck his hand int he pack of strawberry powder and got it all over the floor!
  • Lily-Mae doesn't really like drinking milk and she doesn't like milk on cereal or anything so have a dilemma how to get some down her. I ended up trying chocolate ready brek and she will eat about half a bowl of that which is better than nothing! Sometimes I think how terrible I am giving her choc flavour supper and am probably setting her up to be obese or something- but then sanity returns lol! I'd rather she had a bit of something 'naughty' to get some milk into her, than have no milk at all. What I'm saying (being long-winded) is if you think it will help your lo then I don't think it's a problem.

  • My sister's LO is also 18 months old and is still desperate for booby before bedtime, but with another on its way she was desperate for him to give up. Anyway she tried to give him milk in a cup at bedtime and he refused it, so she has resorted to hot (well lukewarm) chocolate and everyone is now much happier. He doesn't have loads so she's not worried about the sugar and he loves it.
  • I've never tried this with Gabe. He hasn't drank any milk since 13 months as he stopped being bothered by it! He has 6oz on Weetabix in the morning though. He has about 4 sometimes 5 petit filous a day so he is probably chocfull of sugar and dairy from that so am less inclined to give him choc milk but I would go for it !! xxx
  • hi my 17 month old doesnt like milk unless its on his breakfast even then its a small amount i tried givin him milkshakes he doesnt even like formula milk so if yours drinks it then go for it. hope it helps :\)
  • Would moving the dinner later be an option?? It seems early to me but maybe not - Max has his dinner at 6 and bedtime is half 7 so he only has a few sips of water before bed but it is fine cos I know he's still full.

    There would be no way to get max to have hot choccie as he won't have anything hot :roll: :lol: but sounds like a good option.
  • Thanks for all your replys ladies, much appreciated as always, gonna try milkshake during the day and chocolate bedtime drink will keep you posted.
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