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christmas gift ideas offers or deals you want to share

hi girls well christmas is a coming and i have 13 kids plus my own to buy for not to mention adults ! thought it would be a good idea to have a thread we could all add too if we see a good offer on . im always after a bargain at christmas as have so many to buy for. the offers tend to change so frequently and we can sometimes miss out . so if you are in toys r us and something you buy is half price just pop it on here or if you get an e mail with any good offers share it with the rest of us. or if you see something you think would make a great gift id be really intersted . id love to start the ball rolling but ive only got as far as writing names on my list lol x


  • 13 kids?? Eeekk!!

    There's usually mid season sales around October half term - end of this month - which normally has some good things to be found. Toys r us had a sale on last week but don't know if it's still on xx
  • boots three for 2 is brilliant you get more for less and boots points which you can then spend!!! love it every year!!
  • Tesco's have got half price toy sale on atm, picked up lots of goodies the other day!
  • Please don't shoot me, you only need to tell a little White lie.

    When you join the elc birthday club you get a voucher or order code for 20% off. I set mine up for my kids birthdays, but also an extra one just before Christmas, so I get a voucher to use on presents nearer Christmas time x
  • hayls do you mean you lied about your kids b day date??? that is GENIOUS!!!!

    woolworths on line??? gonna check that out tesco and the entertainer keep em coming girls this is great!!

    frillypink great minds think alike!! in our early learning centre they have got a gorgoues table and chairs which is a black board too. i want a table for her to eventually eat her lunch on and for her drawing as she is into her crayons now. they also do an easel which is white board one side and black the other and you can attatch a roll of paper for drawing might get the easel for her birthday and the table and chairs for her birthday x

  • you can set a kids name up to be a parent, grandparent, friend or other. I simply bent the truth x

    :lol: x ;\)

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  • Also, sorry, they say it can take up to 8 weeks to set up, so if you want to do it get a wriggle on x x x

  • The post on the In The Night Garden toys was one of mine. I bought the Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy toys which sing their songs and make their noises when you press their tummies from Toys R Us on line for ??9.99 each. I am so pleased with them. They are ideal for lo, who doesn't realise that they are probably last year's products and that a new Igglepiggle is available but it is ??40!
  • Asda have some good tou deals on too at the minute. I'm bargain hunting now too as got lots of children to buy for for Xmas plus it's rhys's b'day 27th Dec
  • but the woolworths online isn't actually woolworths its like littlewoods catalogue or kays catalogue, the prices are not the same as what woolworths had!

    google money off coupons and you get all the sites with coupons and discount codes that you can use!
  • 14 is really a lot to think of gifts for, tough enough for one or two image



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