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3rd Birthday Ideas...

Ollie will be 3 in 5 weeks (OMG!)

and he has been asking for a few weeks now for a bouncy bouncy and cack for his birthday :lol: so we've decided to give in and let him have a party.
We've got free use of a hall during the afternoon which can fit a bouncy castle in - we were thinking of having a smaller one though so the younger children aren't too overwhelmed by it...

we're not sure what to do about food... a food box with sandwiches, fruit, cake and stuff in or do a buffet type thing?

What else would you have there?
Face painting?
A making/crafting type table?
Musical chairs or pass the parcel - or are they too cheesy now?
A DJ or just a cd player - if a cd player can anyone recommend any good cds for kids aged 2-10 years old....?
Should there be a theme to the party or not?

Any help would be very very much appreciated!

I've got a week to organise it all, then we can get the invites out and give them 3 weeks to RSVP - does that sound do-able?

Thanks in advance image


(OR should I just forget it all and hire a bouncy castle for the garden? :lol: !


  • I would probably put a bouncy castle in the back garden and at least you've got all his toys there as well! Just do a child friendly buffet/picnic type thing and they'll have a ball!
    Alternatively, how about inviting a few of his friends to a soft play centre, that way you don't have to worry about anything else!
    I don't think pass the parcel and musical chairs etc are at all cheesy - they're vital for a kids party!!
    I can't believe he's almost 3!!
  • I would say you're giving yourself far too much stress to plan everything in a week. I think donnas idea of going to a soft play is great- sone of them actually do organised parties so would take all the organising out of the equation for you.
    If you're desperate to diy I'd think a theme would make things easier for ideas and do party food type buffet.

    I think if it were me I'd probably go for a party pack from somewhere given the time frame and start planning 4th party lol image
  • we've looked at the local soft play centre (which isnt really that local ) and they charge ??80 for 8 children for an hour - we're looking at around 20 with just family and would like more than an hour (and exc use which they dont offer) so it would end up costing us more like??480..... so thats far too expensive for us to do....
    And our local animal farm (again not local a good 1/2 hour away!) charges ??8 per child - without food - which would again cost us a fortune!

    Am looking at a bouncy castle, or similar inflatable and have found a local company so am getting quotes from that, but thats coming in at around ??80 for the whole afternoon...

    Its not that we're desperate to do it all ourselves, its that we cant afford to pay someone else to organise it all for us (see above for playzone) :\(

    We think party food boxes, with a few bits in and a toy is about the best way to go - after all, if all his friends from nursery turn up we're looking at around 40 kids image hence why we think we'll need to send invites out sooner rather than later so we can find out how many kids are coming and arrange accordingly... hence why we think we'll have to have a hall and not the back garden :lol:
    but food we should be able to do for about ??100 max...?

    Think if we do go for a theme it would have to be Roary, or thomas! :lol: He's mad on them both!

    Any other ideas are welcome!

    Have found a face painter, am waiting on her costings, and am looking at a magician? Is this a good idea?

    Thank ladies image

  • When we do xmas party at school the kids all love pass the parcel, musical statues, musical chairs and colour corners. If you buy some hypoallergenic (sp?) face paints and google it you get instructions of how to paint simple faces!

    What about hiring some soft play? My friend hires it out for kids parties and it isn't expensive.

    If I think of anything else I'll add it later!

  • Wow!!!! I'd no idea how expensive party packs were, I just knew you could do them, oops sorry, we couldn't afford something like that either- bad suggestion lol!
  • Neither did we w4b! We thought it would be easy but were astonished when we looked into it! Think its because its the only one in the local area (still 20mins drive though for most kids) so they can charge what they want. :roll:

    Like the idea of soft play, will look into that image

    Thanks ladies!

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