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how many hours sleep?

i have a 2yr old son, how many hours sleep should he have a day/night?



  • Hi Lisa, all children are very different in how much sleep they need. My son is two and 4 months, he has a nap at lunchtime for about an hour and a half he then goes to bed at 7.30 and sleeps till about 7.30 the next morning. If your little one is at all grumpy during the day that would indicate he is not getting enough.Hope this helps Karyn x
  • hi there thanks for your reply, my son is 2yrs and 2 months, we were having probs with him sleeping at night (see sleeping subject) but its getting better at night, his routine was sleep form about 1 til 3 in the afternoon and then he wouldnt go to sleep till about 930pm, but the last few days he wont sleep in the day and falls asleep about 6pm but god is he grumpy in the afternoon lol.

  • Hi Lisa,my son is 2 and a half.he doesnt go for a nap during the day.he goes 2 bed at 7pm and gets up between 7am and 8am.Take care.Gayle xx
  • I have a daughter that is 2 and a half- she will sleep occasionally during the day not everyday - for max of 45 mins- just a little refresher! Some days she really could do with a sleep as she is a bit of a 'grumpalump'!!! if we are in the car any time after 3pm! she just sits and relaxs and will sleep but I allow her to do what she whats cuz she obviously needs it- She still goes to bed between 7-7.30 if she slept during the day or not. she wakes any time after 6am.... if we are lucky we sometimes get a little lie in!!!!
    she is up early but we get the evenings to our selves which is nice I prefer it that way and then me and my daughter have a whole full day think i am lucky really as she is a little angel- Every one keeps telling me you will never have another as good as her????? Fingers crossed!!!!
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