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2 year old won't sit on potty, When to worry?

We aren't potty training my son yet but we've had a potty lying around since about 20 months and he knows what it is for.

He tries sitting on it (Usually gets up the second he is down) and for the short time he sits there we give him a lot of praise! He will sit on it (with a lot of encouragement) with clothes and nappy on but he will NOT sit on it naked....Same with toilet seat.

We've got a basic potty but I'm happy to buy an all-singing, all dancing one if that's what it takes lol.

I am not particularly worried as Gabe is only showing a few of the signs yet and is only 25 months after all. But when will it be a problem?

Also I'm pleased that he is showing good bladder control that now if you let him run round naked 15 mins before and 15mins after his bath he won't wee till he has a nappy on. But he still occasionally poos in the bath which Im concerned a child of 2 shouldn't be doing. He tells me he wants to wee and poo on the potty before his bath but in reality he hates sitting there!!



  • hi there, some just don't like a potty!! Shea loves his and will happily sit on it for ages my friends boy has never sat on a potty and will only sit on the toilet and thats the way she trained him in the end

    have you tried gabe with the toilet? you can buy a toddler seat to fit on the toilet so it makes the hole smaller for his little bum
  • hi there

    I wouldn't worry about this at all a few months ago we had a potty that Max would NOT even contemplate sitting on we eventually took him with us to a MASSIVE mothercare near us and let him choose one. He would then sit on this new one while fully clothed but still wouldn't go near it when naked. But eventually by having it around he did start to sit on it when naked.

    now justa few months on he's properly potty training!

    As for the pooing in the bath I would not worry about that as it's a very odd thing - max still poos when we swim occasionally but I don't think that means anything overall!
  • I never used the potty either apparently i was scared of it because it had eyes? lol.

    Maybe try the toilet and try bribing him with biscuits that's how my mum did it with me anyway xx
  • We've got a (really good actually!) toddler loo seat but he is even less likely to sit on that than the potty.

    I'm not really planning on 'training' anyway but would like him to at least try sitting on the potty naked but it's a no-no at the moment!! Might consider buying one of the potty chairs. xx
  • That's what we have - that max chose - a thomas one it's like a blooming armchair and that's how he first started sitting on it naked as an armchair to watch telly on :lol:
  • Kara never used a potty. I bought one and she never sat on it at all. She hated it. She ended up sitting on the toilet and I trained her from there. This worked great for us and I def would do this again and try and skip the potty. It is so much easier out and about when they can use the toilet. I woudn't worry if he doesn't like the potty. I would try the toilet and keep encouraging and see how it goes from there.
  • rhys was the same but he used it all day yesterday but tends to stand over it or sort of squat rather than sit on it. He just screams if we attempt to put him anywhere near the toilet.
  • We also ignored the potty and went straight for a loo seat, afterall that's where he sees everyone else go and that's where he wants to go, we've not cracked the potty training malarky yet but he loves sitting on it all grown up, all poos are done there and if we're out it's not so hard as he's used to toilet seats so just needs extra grip from mummy to ensure he doesn't fall in lol!
  • Hi hun, the first time I tried training Evie this is exactly what she was like. She was the same with the toilet, I believe she was approx 26months. If I asked her to sit on the potty she'd cry and have a paddy, if she did it would be with clothes or nappy on, and she'd not sit there long. In the end we gave up... waited about 2-3months, and she saw a little friend of hers using a potty - and wanted to try. From then on she was fine and potty training went smoothly!

    It's funny what changes a few months can bring about. I'd not worry over it just yet, or if he has any potty training friends or cousins let him watch them go?
  • Hi - looking for advice please! My little girl is 27 months and we have started potty training. Finally a month after starting she will finally wear knickers without a meltdown but still won't sit on potty or toilet!! Tried bribes, books, stickers, treats and a variety of toilet seats and Pottys but she just won't sit on them resulting in constant accidents!! HELP!!! 

  • Hiya, are you sure she's ready? That's still quite young for potty training - did she get clean at all? Sometimes, the kids regress. I know someone who's lg would only poo if she was wearing a nappy - this was when she was 4 years old, so i'd say if she did get clean, and now she's not, try persisting. If not, maybe go back to pull ups for a while.

  • We had battles for over 12 months for our son to use a potty and us pushing him made him regress further. We left it for 6months and bang one day he showed interest and was trained within 2 days and only a couple of accidents. It frustrated us that he was so late to train but now believe they will do it when they are ready. 

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