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Hi i was hoping i could get some advice please on how to use two baby monitors at the same time. I have an 18m old and a 4m old sleeping in adjacent nurseries. I bought two tomy walkabout premier advance monitors at ??64.99(!!!) each but we don't seem to be able to use them together as they keep interfering with each other! I find now that although they're both (finally!) sleeping through i still lie awake all night listening to make sure they're alright ...


  • You can normally change the frequency on them so that they don't interfere with each other. I have just had a quick look on the mothercare website and apparantly your monitors have 4 different channels so as long as they are set to different ones they should work ok. On the fisherprice monitors me and sil use at my mums there is a switch marked A and B that switches the channels so look for something similar. You will need to set the babies bit and the parent bit to the same one.
    Hope that helps
  • Could you use one lot by putting them between the rooms perhaps? They would pick up the noise from either lo then and would save you some cash!
    When was your 4mth old born? Gracie was born on 10/12/07 so is just over 4mth.
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