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39.6 C temp? help.

Grace is not well at all, yesterday she could not even keep down fluids.
she is drinking today but constantly sleeping and is so lathargic and not well at all.

i have just taken her temp and its 39.6 0C is this really high? should i be seeing a doctor? i have been giving her calpol ans pleanty of fluids as she is keeping them down today.

what to do?



  • i would defo get into see the doctor asap. in the meantime things for her temp you can do is strip her down, try to keep her hydrated and in shadier areas, also a cool-warm bath might help but defo try the docs as the calpol hasnt bought it down... her temp should be around 37 as far as i am aware (feel free to correct me if im wrong) so going on that 39.6 is v high call nhs direct if you cant get through to the docs xx good luck and i hope shes better soon x
  • Hi there, sorry lo isn't well, that is a very high temp. If I were you i'd strip her off completely and see if she cools a bit and if not I would take her to docs asap honey

    let us know xx
  • hi hun, Evie has had numerous viruses which have given her a fever/temp and made her generally unwell. Doctors can't prescribe anything for these, but if your LO seems in pain in anyway, for example, sore throat or ears, you might want to get them checked out for infection.

    39.6 is a high temp, strip her off, don't put any covers on and give calpol, if temp isnt coming down after an hour try using cold wet flannel on the skin. If a baby/child has just woken up, the temp does take longer to come down.

    Anything 37+ is classed as "high" and over 40 can sometimes bring on convulsions (fits) not to worry you, Evie's temp has on occasion spiked above 40 and as long as you get them cool as fast as possible they should be ok. it's a good sign that she is keeping down fluids, as thats all the doctors would tend to recommend.

    I have sometimes when Evie has had fevers, alternated calpol (paracetamol) and calprofen (ibuprofen) ever 2-3 hours if i've struggled to keep her temp down, some doctors have advised this to me, others have said just to stick with one or the other. If you're not sure if this is ok contact your GP or NHS direct, i think it's one of those things doctors wont always agree on.

    I hope she's getting better soon xxx
  • Hi
    I would take her to docs if you are not sure.
    My LO had and a high temp and was not well and in the middle of the night she woke up having febrile convulsions and her temp was 40c image I rushed her to A&E and they striped her off and monitored her for a while, they waited until she had cooled down before we could go home, it was very scary but I know what to do if it happens again.
    Hope she gets better soon xx
  • I def agree with the alternating calpol and nurofen every 2 hours. Whenever my two have had high temps that don't come down with one or the other medicine the combination of the 2 does the trick.
    Hope lo is better soon.
  • rang docs and they told me to come straight in. doc said swollen glands making temp high and recomended combining calopl and nurofen. grace still quite bad, sleeping lots poor little thing.

    thanks so much girls

  • glad docs were of help and hope your lo is on the mend really soon.
  • How is she today hun? xx
  • well shes getting back to normal today. still not eating much but drinking. she now has the runs and refusing to wear nappy!! eeewww!!
    sleeping lots.
    thanks girls
  • Poor Grace, hope she gets better soon.
  • hi my 8 months old temp is 39.6 an is breathing very load an quiet fast shall i go to a n e am very worried

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