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my 21 month old doesn't talk

my biggest boy did not really talk until he was over 2 he is now 14 and theres no shutting him up! i wouldent worry too much talking is like everything else they will do it when they are ready and there is no set age . i have 4 and 2 of them talked pretty early but my eldest one not a thing until he was 2 and my 3rd child was also pretty quiet and is still not great (she is 4) but she is having speech therapy. i would def have the 2 year check but dont worry too much children develop at differant rates and im sure when your lo starts to talk there will be no stopping him
love leighxxx


  • Hello everyone! My daughter is now 22 months and like all of you, she'll say the odd words! I worry that she doesn't understand things yet but like mum2jas you ask her to get her shoes or anything else and she understand completely! I get worried more when people especially older people say to me 'oh dear isn't she talking yet!' It has reassured me that we are all in the same boat!image
  • i found that once my eldest wet to school my youngest had to speak as there was noone to speak for him!! image there is no shutting him up now!!!!!!
  • Health visitors just like to give you something to worry about. My youngest is 21 months and doesn't talk, but we know exactly what he wants and he understands everything. My oldest talked in sentences from 18 months but didn't walk til he was nearly 2. It doesn't matter! The main thing is to enjoy your adorable child and to be natural with him.
  • HI Ladies

    I totally agree..........they all speak when they are ready. Some early some late.

    I have 3 year old and 20 month. My youngest babbles but understands everything i say to him. His babble means something to him and I try to respond even if I dont understand him. I just say...clever boy well done. He says mam, dadda, his sibling names, doggy, ducky, teddy, oh and loads more I cant think of the all and its bit tediuos for you readers. Anyway, dont worry. Once they start thats it they are away. Mine are all early walkers and late talkers. Nothing wrong with my son now 16 or my daughter now 13 and they were the same.

    Keep talking to them, reading to them and loving them...thats the best we can do.

    di x
  • I have a 21 month old that doesn't talk, He has been getting speech for almost five months now where he learns sign language. I am having him evaluated for autism as it runs in the family and I want to know why he isnt talking. His father thinks he will talk when hes ready. Me on the other hand, I think theres a developemental issue. He does not play with toys either.

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