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Playing up at bedtime


I haven't posted in here before but I guess now ds is 13 months I should!

Jack has always been really good at bedtime, we had a routine quite early and with the exception of times of illness he will self settle and sleeps 11 hours or so. He is an early riser but normally in bed by 7-7.30pm. He is in the transtition stage of 2 naps to 1 afternoon nap, over lunchtime at the mo!

:roll:anyway I'll get to the point the last few weeks he will just not go to bed...he cries and screams, just sits or stands in his cot...when we bring him downstairs or sit with him he is fine and just wants to play or read his books....we try and just sit with him and read, we don't let him play, he is showing all the signs of being tired but just will not give in!

Is this just a phase? Any experience would be helpful as I am at a loss as to what to's been 9.30 several nights now before he settles and eventually falls asleep on one of us and then we have the issue of having to wake him fo nursery at 7 the next morning when he hasn't had enough sleep!


Sazzle and Jack xx


  • Have you tried letting him choose a book before you go upstairs to bed then reading it to him once he's in the cot? Make sure you count down to bedtime with him.......'after x, y and z it will be time for sleep' etc. DD is 2 and a bit and she's just started kicking off at bed time. She refuses to lie in her bed so we just leave her sat on it in the dark with her music on. She'll yell and cry for a minute or so but is always asleep within 5 mins when we go up to put her duvet on her! She's cut her daytime nap down a bit too so think she's a bit overtired come bedtime if that makes sense!
  • Evie went through a stage of not going to bed, we had to let her fall asleep on us it was a nightmare
    about a month ago I decided to just put her in bed awake with some lullaby music on. The first 3 nights she screamed for half an hour but I didn't give in. Eventually she went to sleep
    that week the time she screamed got less and less until in the end she just accepted it was bedtime.

    Now I just lay her down, put her music on and she waves me bye bye!
    We have finally got our evenings back yey!
  • my lo is 12 1/2 months and had been doing this for the last 2 weeks. Before he would go down wide awake with no fuss at 7pm but suddenly started crying and messing and not going down until 9ish some nights. Lo is also in the process of dropping naps...2 naps too much and 1 nap not enough! he had been doing a nap 11 - 1.30 which I thought was going well then the fussing started but the last 3 days he has had a 30 min nap at 10ish and a longer nap at about 1.30/2ish and last night and tonight went down no problem. No idea if its a fluke but thought i'd share!!!
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