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What does your LO eat?

My doctor has told us that Emma (2 next month) may have an intolarance to milk and has put her on soya milk to see if her symtoms improve while waiting for the results back from the hospital, but this has got me thinking about what nutrition she is receiving from her food as she is quite a picky eater. She will not eat vegetables unless they are hidden in a shepperds pie or lasagne etc and also i give her chicken nuggets or fish fingers but she also doesn't eat a lot of these things either lately. She loves potato (potato waffles are a favourite), grapes, toast or sandwiches, biscuits and those fruit flakes that you can buy (some come covered in yogurt-she just has plain ones) and also she adores her yogurts-so much so that very often she won't eat all her dinner so that she can have her yogurt!! does this sound about right for a child her age?
I was just wondering what other kids eat and if any are just as picky as her! Any ideas of how to get more nurition in her would be great. xxx


  • hi there, its absoultly normal my son was 2 in june and will NOT eat a hot meal , i have found myself crying worried he isnt gettin the right nutrients however when i thought about it i can get food i want him to eat down him other ways e.g fruit twice every day strawberries , blurberries(when we can afford them)apple etc cos he wont eat veg , he has multigrain cereal for brekkie so he gets calcium and vitamins from that he loves phillidelphia cheese so i give him raw carrot and breadsticks with this so actually he gets quite alot of good stuff and i have stopped stressing!i still put a meal in front of him and if he makes a fuss i take it away and say nothing so he doesnt learn he is getting attention from not eating, his nursery are now doing the same and on wednesday he ate medditeranian pasta bake ....try not to worry no child will ever starve themselves x x x x
  • hi. my lo has been a bad eater since the day she was born. although he is quite good at eating different things and actually quite likes veg and stuff she doesnt eat any huge amount of anything. supposidly i was a bad eater as well and i can remember my mum trying to force me to eat so ive never done this with chloe. i tend to do the same as chuffedbaby2 i put a meal down to herand if she doesnt eat it or make a fuss i just take it away and try at the next meal. its so frustrating when they dont eat ive found myself in the kitchen in tears many a time but she is nearly 2 now and although a little petite she is fine. will he eat pasta i blend allsorts into pasta sauce to give er as much as i can. and because she eats those tins of pasta shapes with all the different characters on we have renamed my own pasta in sauce "upsy daisy pasta" she clears the plate these days.lolxx
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