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grrrrrrr i KNEW this would happen...

JJ started nursery last week and everything has been going great!

It's his birthday on Friday so we're going out for the day and then he has his party on Saturday, he's been fine ALL day but has just gone to bed with a slight temp and very snuffly...even if he wakes up fine in the morning would you send him to nursery at the risk of if he is already run down he'll potentially be ill on his birthday after mixing with other children and being tired after a busy day? OH is off tomorrow but we were sending him anyway as we didn't want it to seem like we were just using them as and when we need them as he only went in a few half days last week and it's only his 2nd week this week arghhh!

Also, OH has a LOT to do tomorrow as we are having a lot of people to the house on Saturday, not that it's important as JJ's health is but it's just typical this has happened!!


  • If he wakes up fine - I'd send him. If he's got a bug from nursery causing the temp and snuffles last night - then he's already got it and keeping him at home won't stop him from getting it if you see what I mean.
    BUT I'm saying this as you said you and hubby have bits to do today - if you hadn't and it was a pretty much normal, clear day, I'd keep him at home. I often argue with myself about sending T to nursery when I've got stuff to do (not when he's ill, just generally) but you pay them and he enjoys it (T loves it!) so why not take that time to do those bits you need to do? We're off a bit next week preparing to move house but T will definitely still be going in! LOL
  • I was going to say exactly the same as Joo!

    If he's got a bug, then he's got it - not much you can do about it now (oh the joys of nursery!) You pay them, so you can use them 'as and when' you need them - that's what they are there for, but OH has things to do, and LO enjoys going - so if he's up to it he may as well go.

    Just have some calpol on standby on his bithday - I'm sure a few sniffles wont stop him having fun! image


  • i would suggest telling the nursery that he was a bit warm last night, you think he may be coming down with something,but seemed okay this morning, but if he is not happy/unwell, to call daddy cause he is off ,
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